Inner Healing of Childhood wounds

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Hypnotherapy offers a straightforward way for the Inner Healing of Childhood wounds as using Hypnosis one can relive and release emotions that are entangled

Emotional Intelligence training for Caretakers, Is it needed?

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As a parent or a care taker when you are involved in taking care of your child or spouse or a close family member, life becomes more easy, safe when you learn to manage yourself emotionally

When Breath Becomes Painful

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If your parents are above the age of 55, the best thing that you could do for yourself and them is learning right rhythmic breathing

Top 3 High Performance Habits, How extraordinary people become that way

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To Learn and integrate high performance habits that lead extraordinary people become extraordinary is one of the quickest way to achieve what you desire

How to Overcome Stress in Life, Naturally

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How to overcome stress in life is a question many successful people also ask. Stress is the largest Killer disease. Many are wondering how to overcome stress. You cannot overcome stress directly

What is Past Life Regression?

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Is Past Life Regression Real? How will Past Life Regression Help? The most common questions about Past Life Regression Answered

How to overcome Anxiety and Fear?

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To understand how to overcome anxiety naturally one should first understand that the origins of anxiety and fear , beyond a certain point is not from the current situation.

The Inner Freeze - Unconscious Trauma response

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Release Emotional Patterns of Past trauma with Past Life Regression

What is Coaching Presence ? How can one improve it ?

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Daily Practices that can help coaches develop powerful Coaching presence | Coaching presence is an unconscious coaching competence instils swiftly as it a coaching by personal example