Cherished Moments

When I look back from the present there are a few startling changes I perceive within and around me. The writings under this context could be a reflection of what I am experiencing. Though my endeavor is to be regular at least once a week and be as honest as possible, I can assure you that while I may not tend to share all that happens, whatever I share here would be honest. I will frequent this more often for sure. I also welcome you to share, which I would collect and publish in a sequence. My Mail id is [email protected]


Transformation and change are what I aspired to for decades, yet I realized that I entered the process not knowing that the ‘me’ that wants the change will diminish in the process.

A self-paced online format prepares one to build for a dedicated long-term approach with cognizable short-term results; simple daily activities help experience the change in real-time. Secondly, this format makes the offering economical without diluting the essence of the sessions. Thirdly a self-paced format helps oneself open up slowly rather than experience vulnerability in the presence of another. 

My focus currently for the next two weeks or so would be to bring one or two programs fully live.

The group programs that I offer are for more serious aspirants who would be willing to dedicate time and energy exclusively, sacrificing their daily commitments for their personal growth. The three- and five-day formats include powerful Tantric-Yoga Sadhana Practices weaved with emotional release sessions and daily breath-mind-body course plans, which prepares one to stay in the course of transformation. Groups help as space is held collectively. Second, there is a direct experience of experiencing what one is undergoing in the presence of another. This helps to integrate the change more effectively.

The personal one-on-one sessions are more organized I focus on those who are keen for transformation with a sixty-ninety-day Healing and Transformation process that includes including all aspects of oneself in the process of transformation – Professional – Personal – Emotional- Social – Spiritual. This approach helps to facilitate more effectively as goals and commitment are clear.

My personal time is organized between an average of three hours per day practice, which gives me the experience-stamina-insight and the needed learning to offer the same to my students and clients.


I cook at least three times a week; this adds to my relaxation time and applies my creativity. Stillness becomes a natural part of me when I work in silence with vegetables and grains. 

My television time has reduced to less than one hour, per day on an average with little or no video watching on Facebook during driving. This is realized gives me more time and space to be.

The most important realization, that changed my life is recognizing that in real life I have been doing work that is not that important to my core goal achievement; the thought that had been consistently running is ‘I anyways have to do that. So let me complete this and do that. Or: I anyways will do that. Let me complete these and do as if I start doing that I may not have time to do these.

That – refers to work that is especially important to me. Work that will enhance my life and the work I do.

These and this – Refer to routine, unimportant activity in terms of goal achievement. 

The unimportant activities became a way of life- with mind and body getting used to doing that regularly the important work took a back seat. I will dedicate this shift to the Yoga Tantra Sadhana practices as they took me into deeper stillness, within a few minutes and kept me there for hours also if needed to stay in. It is with that confidence that I offer this

Socially, my life seems to be the same. The only change is previously I used to think that I miss the routine entertainment that others have. Two-three hours of tennis or squash or whatever which I find my friends in the apartment engaging in regularly. Now I am ok with this. I enjoy my personal practices well, and yes, my engagement with society is high with the services I do. When what I call work is aligned with what I love to do, life itself becomes a relaxed outing. Yes, in the past there was a large tendency to spread out and lose time and energy in unnecessary activities; now with more discipline, I have brought more freedom into my life by cutting off or disengaging from unnecessary activities. Activities that are not in line with my goal, those that drain me leaving me with less energy and time to focus and dedicate.

This gives me more time to live more completely aligned with me.


Yes, transformation became easy when I let go of the belief that life will become normal as it was before (which before, I still wonder). I will share more about it next.