Art of Living Meditation

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What Causes Alzheimer's, How to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease, How to prevent Dementia, How to Cure Dementia, How to Prevent Parkinson's, What is Neuroplasticity, Meditation for Beginners

How to overcome Anxiety and Fear?

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To understand how to overcome anxiety naturally one should first understand that the origins of anxiety and fear , beyond a certain point is not from the current situation.

Yoga and Yoga Therapy


Yoga Therapy is the deepest form of Psychotherapy| Yoga Therapy uses the body to work with the mind systematically| Certified Yoga Therapists| Psychotherapists

Overcoming Fear

How to overcome Fear of Death | Fear | Panic | Phobia

The Inner Freeze - Unconscious Trauma response

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Release Emotional Patterns of Past trauma with Past Life Regression

Medicine, Knowledge and Objectification of the Disease

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Homeopathy - Allopathy - Yoga Therapy - Holistic Treatment

What is Coaching Presence ? How can one improve it ?

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Daily Practices that can help coaches develop powerful Coaching presence | Coaching presence is an unconscious coaching competence instils swiftly as it a coaching by personal example

What every Life - Coach should know ?

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becoming a Life Coach | Emotional Resilience for Life Coaches |

Will healthy relationships at home impact work life, Career Growth and financial abundance

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What is the impact of quality of relationships on work life? Will a happy conscientious spouse increase productivity at work? Can quality of my relationships impact career growth, business success?

Achieving Goals

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What is evoked inside you when the words - Goal | Target | Review Meetings can impact the work stress levels and goal achievement. The reactions are unconscious. Effective process can help you deal

Three Reasons to Choose Holistic Coaching

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Holistic Coaching helps you learn to understand and manage emotions and energy behind the emotions better - Energy and Emotional Intelligence

What you should know about Mind-body-Energy coaching -1

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Subconscious mind Power - Regression Process - Life Coaching - Mind body coaching

Covid 19 and Stress

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How to overcome stress and fear of Covid 19, Covid 19 and immunity building