Is your Physical Fitness Program enhancing your mental health?

What you should know about yourself, your body to choose a physical fitness program so that it does not affect your mental health

The physical Body is innervated by the mind with the help of an intelligent energy system.

Even a subtle moment in the body impacts the energy system and thereby impacts the mind. 

Physical training to grow muscles, reduce weight or to achieve any other goal should be in alignment with this energy flow if the training should give you larger benefits.

Misalignment or a fitness practice that is not in alignment may cause more harm than good.

Some questions to ask and reflect on:

Am I more relaxed and flexible after a workout?

How is my body. Happy with a certain amount of tolerable pain. Is the pain comfortable during the day when i do my daily work or is it restricting my movements.

How is my mood during the course of my day. Am I feeling an internal calm with a sense of steadiness and focus or am I finding myself wanting to rest with a sense of defocus

How are my energy levels. Does it reduce during the end of the day. Do I feel like wanting to rest.

How is my identity with my body. Do I often, during the day have an urge to feel my body and muscles making me twist and clench often

How is my ability to perceive, focus what is happening within me? Is my breath awareness better or less

Most of the physical workouts designed and derived from principles of body building for body builders, to increase muscle strength, muscle mass (Be it lean muscle or large muscle mass) with an assumption that strong muscles make you feel strong and powerful

Points to consider for women who choose to lose weight

For women who choose weight loss...

The most common challenges are menstrual problems, PCOD, PCOS, Fibroids and related Hormonal Imbalance including thyroid issues.

Second common condition that is induced by obesity is joint pain, back pain.

Third is breathless, fatigue and inability to do daily work.

Your physical fitness program should include all the above aspects... meet your overall life goals that may include your career, family life, relationships, physical health and well being; and above all your spiritual health

Senior Team alignment must work with the executive team and get them to function not just as star individuals but as a star team. Getting the top team to a stage where each member truly understands the true meaning of being a part of a successful senior team is crucial for the survival of the business. Where every team member focuses on their functional goals, but also takes complete and total collective responsibility of the Organizational goals and makes success happen. The highest value work of a senior team involves making progress on the vital few challenges of the enterprise that cut across businesses and functions. We drive the alignment interventions for the organizations to have the required synergies. We also work with clients to help build top team performance that has a direct impact on business results and is sustainable over time.

The person who trains you may be slim and fit or muscular. Yet does he or she know how the psychological and emotional processes interface with the physical body should be a key determining factor?

While the superficial goal would be to have the celebrity or a model look what you may actually need is good emotional balance to do your daily work

Most western principles have been working on many aspects of healt treating mind and body speretaly.

today they are waking up to the reality that mind and body are not jsut smae but the large part of the mind is in the body and we should rreat the body in such away thet enhance s aproectects and cnureteres the mind that is in . i fnot you may caus emor ehamr. this is the basis of newer specilites like choroprctro or oseopathy.This they know know but our system of yoga and other forms that have grown out of yoga like tai chi and QIgong have been developed after considering all these aspects,.One may ask how di tai chi evole from Yoga. THere are man Tai chi msters who have said this and.