Yoga Therapy

Whatever be your goal - Normalize Blood Sugar levels, Reduce Blood Pressure, Normalize Hormonal functions - Individualized course plans based on Yogic Principles can offer holistic management solutions.

Yoga has been the subject of research in the past few decades for therapeutic purposes for modern epidemic diseases like mental stress, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Individual studies report the beneficial effect of yoga in these conditions, indicating that it can be used as a nonpharmaceutical measure or complement to drug therapy for the treatment of these conditions. (excerpt from Indian Journal of Community Medicine - Published in NCBI, US. Click to know more)



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Yoga Personalized to Suit your individual emotional constitution

Yoga personalized to suit your physical and Physiological constitution

Yoga personalized to suit your life goal, work-life, Life stage, Age

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Yoga Therapy utilizes the principles of Yoga for restoring health and vitality.

Yoga Therapy is not Yoga. 

Just as one takes healing sessions for Reiki or Acupuncture. sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis. It takes around six weeks to develop and stabilize on a course plan that will suit. 

There are two major differences as compared to other modalities like Reiki, Pranic Healing, etc.

1. The body is involved in the process. Hence the deeper unconscious healing happens naturally. It is also safe. There is no imagination.

2. There is self-empowerment because one learns to heal oneself as one works on his own body and mind in an integrated manner to achieve goals. After a certain period, one need not be dependent on an external source for healing.

Yoga Therapy is a personalized course plan that utilizes the principles of Yoga, with three major goals:

A.. Stop the progression of Conditions - both physiological and Psychological 

B. Protect the health of vital organs

C. Enhance and Restore Vitality in the system

Since each individual has a unique psychological, physiological make-up; Yoga therapy accounts for this in addition to the overall life goals.

Yoga Therapy progressively helps the individual learn and apply conscious movement and postural changes, breathwork, energy management processes, and practices to still the mind to achieve the goals of disease management. The individual learns to enhance the innate life energy in the body

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Certified To Teach Yoga For Health and Wellness - Govt of India - QCI - Level 2

Trained in Swami Sivananada Yoga and Sri Krishanamcharya Yoga Tradition

MS Yogic Sciences

MS Psychology


How is yoga different from physical exercises

Physical Exercises like walking, jogging, gymming, etc work primarily on the muscles, bones and ligaments

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Yoga Therapy

The focus of Yoga Therapy is to work with the energy centers of the body.

The heart with blood vessels ((circulatory system), Brain with nerves (Nervous System) are gross. The endocrine system with its hormones is subtler.

Similarly, the mind has its own system and network called nadis which in turn has energy centers in multiple locations of the body. Its after this layer of the body gets affected does the physiological body gets affected.

The primary focus of Yoga Therapy is to work with this layer using movements, somatic work, and breath. 

Co-Facilitator - Yoga Therapy

Kavitha Karunakar

Certified - Yoga Archarya, Yoga Therapist, Pilates

RYT 200.

Yoga Therapy

Benefits of Yoga Therapy - an example


The average lifetime cost of diabetic treatment was estimated to be INR 6,50,000 in the year 2013. Considering 10 percent escalation the same would be more than 15 Lakhs today.(CLICK TO KNOW MORE)

Therapeutic yoga with emotional wellness programs can disease progress prevention and organ protection which avoids complications and disease progression.

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Incorporation of yoga practice in daily life helps to attain glycaemic control and reduces the risk of complications in people with diabetes. (NCBI, US)

PCOD - PCOS - Fibroids - Thyroid - Hormonal Disorders Diabetes, Gastritis, Infertility : How will Yoga Therapy Help?

Very Few know the role of Yoga as a therapeutic tool!

When it comes to management of most common lifestyle disease like PCOD, PCOS, Diabetes, Gastritis, Thyroid problems, hormonal problems most choose medical intervention. Medicines will help to give instant symptomatic relief, yet if one has a goal of living a medicine free life then one has to make certain simple practices as a way of life.

Yes 3-40 minutes of systematic practice will help stop progress of symptoms and in many patients reverse disease. Disease reversal is becoming a common jargon today as most are fed up taking medicines for life time given its side effects.

In this short article we will discuss about disease reversal, and role of yoga therapy.

with If your choice is to live medicine free healthy life then you should be willing to spend atleast 30 minutes a day. Most know acupuncture, Physiotherapy etc for relief from psychological challenges like an 

Disease Reversal

What is disease reversal?

Treatment means the condition of the body is restored back to balance. Which means if you have diabetes, you no longer have high blood sugar, even if you do not take medicines.

As long a you are taking a medicine, it means that the disease is still there looming around and you have suppressed its symptoms.

Suppressing symptoms is management and not cure

This means that if high blood sugar in diabetes is a symptom of a disturbed metabolism in your body. Your body is not able to digest glucose properly. So the entire entire energetic system is giving up. This leads to fatigue and lack of concentration. So controlling blood sugar is a symptom reduction process. 

You should restore the metabolic process back to its rhythm. If you do that you are in the path of living a medicine free life

As long as the disease is there, the effects of the disease on your inner organs, psychology and emotions are still there. As long as the inner organs and your emotions are effected your financial success, happiness in relationships, physical health would be impacted. You may be living a compromised life within a set of limitations.

How can I live a medicine free life? Foundations of Medicine free life?

The dangerous trend is this...One one hand One seems to hate medicines - interventions - doctors visits, but on the other hand one does not take any step to stay disease free. By not taking medicines and by not practicing the right practices to bring the body back to normalcy, the disease keeps intensifying and opens up badly. 

You cannot reverse disease by just thinking that you are disease free and can cure yourself.. You cannot imagine and reverse disease.

The goal is to restore normal functioning without medicine not becoming medicine free.

Before the effect of medicine wears of I sshuld develop astrong priacte paln that substitutes teh effect of medicine.

Yoga therapy is a process that resotres the inner chemical balance.

To reverse disease and to lead a healthy vibrant life one need to commit for a certain regimen.

Many patients hate medicines. They are scared of the side effects. They hate to wait outside a doctors cabin or even keep visiting doctors regularly.

So they end up thinking I do not have any disease and end up with more painful conditions.

On the other hand many take medicines take medicines and think that all is under control. They then open up to a reality when the suppressed disease overrides the medicines and expresses itself else where. It is common right, people under long diabetic medication develop kidney disease or heart disease of vice versa.

If one is under hormonal treatment for PCOD, PCOS. Fibroids etc., this affects normal emotional functioning.  

If one takes medications for insomnia, or psychological challenges like stress, anxiety the side effects of the same medications affects normal functioning.

Disease Cure - Disease Reversal - Disease Management

There is difference between disease cure or disease reversal and disease management.

Disease cure means I am free of the disease even when I do not take medicines. For example if one has diabetes then even when the medicine is stopped blood sugar levels are normal.

Disease management means when the medication is stopped symptoms come up.

Most interventions that use medicines, surgery provide symtomatic releif. So they are management.

For example in PCOD, PCOS etc, external hormones are given as a subtitute to the natural hormones produced by the body. 

The problem with disease management are  

What happens if I keep managing the symptoms

1. The effect of medicine reduces. So your doctor will increase the dosage of medicines

2. The disease expresses itself in other organs. For example if one has diabetes and keeps taking diabetic medications regularly over a period of time kidney disease or heart disease is more common.

3. The side effects of medications cause more disease

4. Since the root cause of the disease is not rectified others areas of life remain affected. For example Diabetes, leads to lack of energy fatigue. This leads to poor decision making, low sex drive, low focus and concentration.

When there is low sex drive, relationships get affected and this has an imapct on work and emotional well being.

when their is low energy and focus gets affected, then work gets afected. Financial growth gets affected.