How to overcome Anxiety and Fear?

The quickest way to overcome anxiety and fear is to know that the real origins are not from the current situation. When one understands this and stands by this, then taking a holistic approach to overcoming anxiety and fear is easy. In this process, one can also learn, How to Succeed and be happy.

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Webinar, Free of Cost on Overcoming Anxiety and Fear.

Facilitated by Sarvanan, Psychologist, NLP - Life Coach,  Yoga Therapist

Anxiety and Fear is something that happens beyond the mind

Friends, Anxiety, and Fear trigger a series of reactions within the body when a threat is perceived. 

When one tries to become normal, when fear gets triggered, the reactions become more intense. Thus muscles getting tensed, heart pounding, sweating, shivering are all reactions to restore normalcy to escape or to protect oneself from the overwhelming situation.

In midst of Covid - 19, How to overcome Anxiety and Fear?

Now the situation with Covid - 19 is different. Usually, if there is a snake in the room or an unexpected environmental challenge, they have a beginning and an end. The situation due to Covid - 19 does not seem to have an end.

This situation leads to continuously stimulated hormones with the neurological systems also alert most of the time. 

In this webinar, we will discuss and practice tools that will help you release stress, anxiety and fear from all layers of your being: Mind - Body - Energy

How to overcome Stress in Life?

Stress, Anxiety, Fear, and any other psychological state for that matter can be handled and overcome better when you work all levels of your being. Imagine what would happen, if you want to drive a vehicle without learning how to drive it? The driving would be bad, right?

There will be no point in trying to change the vehicle?

Nor will it help when you think that your driving is good and Ok? The co-passengers and the other travellers on the road including pedestrians could be the judge here.

Similarly, when you experience emotions that you are not comfortable with there could be less benefit in blaming people and the situation around you?

You may get less respite when you try to change the environment - a new job, new friends, a new gadget or a new television serial. They seem to work short term, but in reality, they only intensify or postpone the effects from showing up earlier.

Trying to suppress the discomfort is like driving the vehicle poorly and thinking that I am driving well enough. People around you will experience discomfort relating to and working with you.

What will you get from this Free Webinar on, How to overcome Anxiety and Fear?

1. Tools to understand for yourself about the impact

2. Learn to identify the changes that happen when you are in challenging situations

3  Methods to avoid getting entangled in the emotional disturbances that come up.

4. Meditation Practice that can help to keep your inner calm

5. Simple body and breathwork video that will help you release stored emotions regularly


Consultant Psychologist, NLP - Life Coach 

Therapist - Past Life Regression, Family Constellations

Existentialism, The New Art of Living

Hi, I am Saravanan. I would be facilitating the webinar. The webinar would have a mix of theory (15%), Practice tools, and a QnA session. You can write to me about anything specific you like to ask [email protected]

12 plus years of experience in facilitating individuals and groups in overcoming emotional challenges is what I come from. The tools I offer would be based on the feedback from more than thousands of clients I have facilitated in the last 12 years.

Psychological Impact of Covid-19

Emotional Disturbance shows up as anger, frustration, depression

Certain types of mood alterations and high level of irritability

Insomnia - the inability to fall asleep

Emotional Exhaustion

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There seems to be a decreased sense of well-being and emotional challenges. Click here to know more about this

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