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Benefits of Regular Meditation Practice with lessons from the Upanishads & Vedanta

Enhance Qualities for Personal Transformation 

  • Emotional Resilience
  • Thought Mastery
  • Inner Alignment
  • Ability to create a positive vibrant state at ease
  • Clarity and Focus

Emotional Freedom and Resilience

  • Happy Relationships 
  • Regular Meditation reduces overthinking and decreases negative thoughts
  • Freedom from Unconscious Anxiety, Fear and erratic thoughts

Calm Mind, Vibrant Brain, Healthy Nerves 

  • Regular Meditation increases Intelligence at any age
  • Increases neural connections and enhances nerve health
  • Create a vibrant neural and hormonal Chemistry

Meditation Online - Meditate Anytime, Anyplace

Meditate Anyplace, Anytime with Daily Readings and Meditation Lessons of the Ancient Spiritual Masters by Email, Integrate essential Wisdom of the Upanishads, Vedanta, The Bhagavat Gita, Yoga Sutras.

Daily Lessons in your inbox one day at a time. An essential primer for deeper study of Scriptures

One of the best Online Meditation Courses for Yoga Practitioners, Spiritual seekers, for everyone who is interested to learn Psychology including Transpersonal Psychology

The Vedas, Upanishads, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Vedanta, Shiv Sutras are a treasure hove of psychological readings with direct - practical application tools. Eastern psychology is different from western in that, they have been developed by sages who were happy, joyful and blissful within. In a way this has been developed by those who have crossed the realms of the mind. Western Psychology deals with persona, which also translates as mask; a mask that one wears to cover that is inside, a mask that is shown to the world. 

Transpersonal Psychology deals with the psychic material. This psychology is less concerned about the mask. It uses the mask as a gate to touch the real psyche. it is difficult to Grasp, yet a enlightening experience. I invite you to experience this daily,

Upanishads, Vedas, Vedanta

Vedas have tools in form of Mantras, Benedictions, sacrificial methods, etc., to invoke and communicate with the unknown, Supreme power. Supreme power is a state that cannot be perceived through the normal sensory tools (Eyes, Ears, Skin, Brain, Nose, etc.,) that we use to communicate and perceive what happens in the material world.

The Upanishads form a component of the Vedas.

What are Upanishads?

The Upanishads

Upanishads are part of Vedas which discuss about meditation and spiritual understanding of existence.

Upanishads are easier to understand versions of the Vedas. They were composed by Sages who attained deep levels of mediation. They communicated the information received about the origin of the Universe, the world, the origins of the mind and mankind as a whole.

Veda means Knowledge. ‘Vedanta’ Means a state where knowledge ends and what remains after knowledge ends: which is ‘experience’. This cannot be described. Vedanta also give meditative practices to experience this state.

I have subscribed to both the English and Tamil Versions. Very Deep and Profound. I read them repeatedly to integrate. Thank you for the initiative

Srimathy Yogeshwaran, Russia.

 Meditation Lessons from the Upanishads, Vedanta, Yoga    365 Days Online, One day at a time 

365 Meditation Lessons by Email  

Lessons of the Ancients, Practices to discriminate between the real you and your memory

24 Live Online Meditation Classes 

9 AM - 10 AM, every 1st and 3rd Sunday, Online Meditation Training to deepen your practice

Video Guided Contexts 

Contextual Videos every fortnight. (New*) 

Ancient Wisdom for Success today

Create and sustain a happy and successful state of mind. Succeed with less efforts

' I am six months into the online meditation program now...'

I was wondering about how to overcome insecurities in my relationship. I am in with the readings and meditation for six months now. I feel more secure and stable. I am more happier. I practice meditation daily now. The program is a great inspiration. It acts as a daily morning reminder - Latha

Are wondering how to stop overthinking and negative thoughts? 

Few know that Daily meditation is a powerful to overcome overthinking and repeated negative thoughts. Daily Meditation slows the mind, reduces the autonomic reactions from the mind and the nervous system. If your goal is to stop overthinking, reduce negative thoughts and have a calm, happy mind meditation is the way to go.

Deep COnfidence

If you are wondering How to build Self Confidence at a more deeper level, You should choose...

Daily Meditation Practice is an answer to the question, How to build Self Confidence, Naturally!

Do you know that lack of self confidence is a symptom of a deeper level insecurity?

Learning and Meditating from Scripture, builds spiritual intelligence and emotional resilience. Self Confidence is a result of deeper knowledge of who you are.

An intellectual understanding of how the mind works and the origins of the primal fear.

Regular meditation on the teaching will help you connect more deeply your self, which can help you build, Self confidence.

Regular Meditation Practice, Online meditation

could be a sure way to build inner confidence, self-esteem and intimacy in close relationships. When you meditate with guidance from the scriptures, you can experience the shift even more powerfully. Though meditation is an easy process it is extremely difficult to hold the mind. Guided practices will help. 

Deeper connect with your real self. More confidence and self esteem

Promotes Intimacy and Love in relationships. 

Reduces Unconscious Stress, More joy, happiness and Success

Meditate daily with the readings and integrate the profound psychological truths of the Upanishads, Vedanta, The Bhagavat Gita, Yoga Sutras from Patanjali

Yoga Psychology


If you are a Yoga Practitioner...

...the daily readings will help you enhance and deepen your yoga practice. 

Swadyaya, Reflection on one's own life from the right understanding of scriptures is an integral part of Yoga.

The daily dose of knowledge will help you integrate finer aspects of Yoga: Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga as scripted by the Ancient Seers.

If you love Psychology...

You will be amazed by the depth and experiential basis of Upanishads, components of the Vedas, which are encapsulated with divine Knowledge expounded directly to the Sages when they accessed deep meditative states. 

The basis of Mystical psychology lies in understanding how the mind, body, and energy system work; and their origins

Psychology of the ancient Masters

A Still mind - Is Mystical -  Creates, Transcends,  

Deep Existential Psychological Questions need answers from the Deep

Who am I?

How can I make my life more meaningful?

Who is a Brahmachari? How can a Brahmachari be a householder?

How can I live a successful social life and progress spiritually?

How does the mind work?

How to realize the inner power of the unconscious mind?

How does the universe function?

What is the secret behind the creation and the universe?

What happens after I die? What is life? How does rebirth happen?

and much more...

Do You know...The Upanishads, The Vedas, Vedanta, Sankhya...

Have deeper answers and practices to help you realize what you have been searching for...

What is the Mind?

How does the mind Work?

Where does the mind begin and where does it end?

What is the Mind?

meditate Anyplace anytime

General Meditation Benefits

A Calm, Stress-Free, and Happy Mind 

 The Right Choices

Success & Happiness at Work and at Home.

Invite abundance and growth; Right healthy Intimate Relationships.

Discover and Connect with your True 'Self' as you increase the knowledge of who you are. 

Learn the art from the Ancient Masters @ Just Rs1.5 Per day.  INR 490 or USD 9.00/Year


A state of being, where one is aligned with oneself in any given situation.

Vairaagya, is a state achieved by regular meditative Practice and Swadyaya, integrating spiritual knowledge of the Scriptures

Vairaagya, is a state that can enhance your ability to succeed, to be happy and joyful, unconditionally.


Daily Readings from scriptures

 Digest One day at a Time 

Practices for Life

Online Mindfulness Training for Professionals

Meditate Anytime, Anyplace format with Guided Meditation in form of email lessons and video-guided meditations will enable working professionals to practice mindfulness meditation on the go. Whether you are at the office or traveling to the office or in a meeting, you take short bits of time off for practicing centering with guidance from the lessons of the masters.

Meditation lessons by email provide you with new contexts. You choose 10-minute meditations or 5-minute meditation sessions. Meditation practices increase productivity at work, improves emotional intelligence, creativity with a sense of inner joy.

Learning to create a still mind at will is the foundation of real inner freedom. Unconditional Happiness, Joy, and success follow. 

Meditation Lessons

Curated by Saravanan.

Yoga Practitioner for more than 25 Years, MS Yogic Sciences, Psychology

Facilitated transformation in Individuals and Groups 


Integrates Vedic-Yogic-Upanishadic Science for transformation in Coaching and Healing sessions.

Dharma - Artha - Kama - Moksha; Learn the Goals of Human existence. Learn and Realize What is Success?

Excellence in ability to execute your current and future Responsibilities (Dharma), Excellence in attaining material and financial abundance (Artha), Ability to achieve ones desires (Kama) and attain unconditional Joy and Happiness (moksha) are the Goals of Hunam life. 

How you achieve goals of material wealth, How you engage in relationships, How you fulfill your current and future relationships will determine the degree of unconditional Joy and Happiness. The scriptures show the way. Learn and integrate, to achieve phenomenal success, joy and happiness.


The One Year Online Meditation Program 

What makes this one of the best Online Meditation Courses?

365 Lessons on Meditation - Delivered one day at a time to your inbox

24 Live Meditation Sessions over a period of one year.

24 Guided Meditation Lessons inbuilt in mails delivered once a fortnight



A Sample Meditative Lesson - The Structure of the Mind.

How does the mind operate?

Prakrithi, the counterpart of Shakthi Tattva principle, in the limited individualized experience differentiates into three. The word differentiation is key here. It is not said that this gives rise to the others. It differentiates into three:

Antahkarana (the psychic apparatus)

Indriyas – The senses

The bhutas ( matter)

Hence all the above are made from Shakthi. They have been created from the ultimate reality yet they are not the ultimate reality.

Lord Krishna – I am in them. But they are not in me.

The psychic apparatus, the senses, and the matter are essential to operate in the limited world. The world that is created ever since the veil of Maya came into existence. When they operate as per the instructions of Purusha, the counterpart of Shakthi Tattva, then creation keeps happening in tune with existential truth. If not it is not. It is from here the whole challenge starts.

The psychic apparatus is called the Anthahkarana:  There are three Tattvas here – Buddhi, Ahankara, and Manas.

Buddhi – This is called ascertaining intelligence. This ascertains what is what. This operates at two levels.

When I perceive an object that is outside of me – Externally oriented Buddhi

The image I see as a reflection of what is stored as memory – Internally oriented Buddhi.

I see a car, External. I see the car and I also see internally from my memory an image of the same car driven by my favorite movie star – Internal

The ability to differentiate between what is external and internal depends on the degree to which one has developed his discriminating faculty.

Ahamkara: This is the ‘I’ Making principle. What I call as "I" is based on a variety of external factors and the internal association the external factors have with the meaning-making process developed because of the content in my memory. The ‘I’ that is formed because of the meaning I make with the perceived image of the car and the past memory of my favorite movie star driving the car; is called ahankara. I drive the car with a sense of pride due to the movie star being linked with the car.

Manas: Manas is the product of Ahankara as per Kashmir Shaivism principle. Manas has all the repository impressions, experiences including the primal one and also the ones that are formed by the ahankara.


Discrimination with extreme dispassion is a type of Vairagya. This means I perceive what is happening in my mind. I am able to understand at one level, what is happening at the level of Buddhi, at the level of ahankara, and at the level of Manas. I can see the movements from one area of the psychic apparatus to the other. I can see what direct perception is and how perception is colored by my memory. I can see it all without getting entangled in any of them.

I then become free.

How do I get here? How do I get this as an internalized experience? Practice.

Choose a calm place where you would not be disturbed for around ten minutes. Choose an image or an object and place that in front of you. Bring yourself fully into space with two or three relaxed breaths. Observe what thoughts that come up as you see the image or the object; and see if you can see the photo or the object devoid of the thoughts and emotions that come up. Grounded just on your breath just be with an image or the object for a period of three-five minutes.

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