Top 3 High Performance habits: How extraordinary people become that way

To Learn and integrate high performance habits that made extraordinary people become extraordinary, is one of the quickest ways to achieve success and create a life of your choice

In this short article I briefly discuss about the following

What are top 3 High Performance Habits that can make you extraordinarily successful?

Why the top ten percent of the most Successful stress on the importance of good habits?

How to get rid of bad habits in 21 days

The 21/90 formula on, how to habits form and habits breaking?

How to change bad habits and how to remove bad habits?

Extraordinarily successful people know the consequence of time structure and the Importance of time management

Effective time management is being able to the top things that matter the most to help you achieve your goal in the shortest possible time. High achievers by making best use of time and actions achieve quickly than others. 

Time is the most valuable free resource, which if wasted is wasted for ever. You can never get back the time you lose 

Take an inventory of what you actually did on an hourly basis since the last three to five days. Map them by the hour.

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How much of what you keep doing on an hourly basis every day contribute to your growth, success and happiness one year from now and maybe even five years from now?

Most people spend most of the wakeful hours that may not contribute to goals. Purposeless chats and interactions over coffee, browsing - interacting on social and digital media drains energy and time. Highly successful people avoid this.

Research shows that the average people spend lot of time watching television, or series; in fact many structure time to watch movies, viewing episodes, planning their holidays. The highly successful people avoid mediocre habits that consumes them and time

Your life is a consequence of what you do consistently, effortlessly. What you do is a result of what you are. Are you willing to see what are you?

High achievers know that situations can be changed to their advantage if they clearly know what happens inside them in any given situation!

Most people think that successful people succeeded because situations around them were favorable. Yet the most successful in any area of life, sports, politics, business, know that the they were able to navigate through any situation because they clearly knew their goals and also had excellent mastery  over their thoughts, emotions, energy and actions. This helped them respond appropriately in any given situation.

Take time to map your thoughts, beliefs you have about your life, your future and your overall state of experience how many of them are new? Have you been able to think at life, career, relationships, success from a totally different point of view? Are you aware of the internal representations you make about success? Are you willing to see that and redefine the meanings you have made about success.

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Repeated  actions and behaviors that you keep doing with least inner resistance could be called as habits. Change your Habits, transform your life.

Knowledge of the Importance of Good habits is one part of the story. Cultivation of healthy habits is an example of a characteristic trait of the extra-ordinarily successful

Highly successful and above average people spend time to constantly redefine their inner beliefs and thought patterns. To become new and more successful one should be able to look at newer opportunities and newer resources. This needs a totally different way of thinking, more mastery over thoughts and emotions. Some of the old patterns of thinking which helped you so achieve so far could be outdated. To awaken to the new reality is key. The key lies in habits breaking.

How to change habits permanently?

When my colleagues, friends ask me about 'How to get rid of bad habits in 21 days' or ' How to change bad habits and how to remove bad habits?' I first request them not to label any habit as good or bad. The more I label a certain habit as bad I give more power to that habit or I may also be internally rejecting or criticizing myself. The more pragmatic approach is to begin with understanding what is a habit and how Habits are formed?

What is a habit?

As explained before habits is a repeated action or behavior that I keep doing with least resistance. For example while I may want to avoid a certain type of food, I am consuming a certain type of food with least resistance. 

How do Habits Form?

What I do consistently with least resistance is a result of me gaining some type of benefit in past. For example when I was young I would not have been allowed to watch television or play a game at my will. My timings would have been restricted. Thus I developed a deep inner urge to watch television and also consider that as a type of expression of free will or freedom. 

But today I am grown up. I know that I am free to watch television at any given time and that I need not engage in watching television compulsively. yet since a part of my mind still considers television viewing as a sign of freedom or joy, i am engaging in this activity with least inner resistance.

How long does it take to develop a new healthy habit?

New habits as per scientific research takes around 21 days to develop. This is the time needed for new neural connections to happen. When I systematically work to realign internal beliefs in my subconscious mind, new neural connections that can sustain the new habits happen more easily.

Changing bad habits, removing bad habits can thus be a matter of 21 days of disciplined effort.

Are you Ready? 

There is more than enough scientific research to show that it takes

21 days to create a new habits! 
90 days to create a new lifestyle! 

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One quality that separates the extraordinary from the ordinary... 

Right Decision, Right Decision at the Right Time.