hypnotherapy helps to reprogram &align subconsious mind with conscious mind

I am Sarvanan. Welcome to our Hypnotherapy Institute.

You can begin Your Path to Positive Change and Personal Growth with us.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist and I am here is here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. 

Whether you're seeking to overcome specific challenges or enhance your overall well-being, our tailored hypnotherapy services can help you tap into the incredible power of your subconscious mind.

Take the First Step toward Transformation: Send a Message or Call us at 91-9305971661 or 91-8754480667 to take your first Session

Why Choose Us!

 **Certified Expertise:** I am a Certified by GHSc UK in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy; European Association of Regression Therapists for Past Life and Inner Child Regression Therapy

**Personalized Approach:**  I understand that each individual is unique and hence sessions are customized to address your specific needs and goals.- 

**Proven Results:** Many clients have experienced remarkable positive changes, from managing stress and anxiety to conquering phobias and improving self-confidence.- As per Forbes Business Magazine, Hypnosis based interventions Offer 93% success as compared to other interventions

**Root cause De-potentializing :** I help you address not only your symptoms but also the underlying root cause factors contributing to your challenges.

**Confidential and Supportive:** Your comfort and privacy are paramount. We provide a non-judgmental, supportive environment where you can freely explore your thoughts and feelings.

Hypnotherapy Services:

**Stress and Anxiety Relief:** Resolve the root cause of Stress and Anxiety Learn techniques to manage stress and cultivate relaxation, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

**Hypnosis Coaching** Coaching using the power of Hypnosis where the inner resistance to change is resolved and becoming new with more strengths becomes easy

**Weight Management:** Achieve your weight loss goals by transforming your relationship with food and adopting healthier habits.

**Overcoming Fears:** Say goodbye to phobias and irrational fears that have been holding you back.

**Boosting Confidence:** Develop a strong, positive self-image and unlock your true potential.

**Break Free from Compulsive Behavior and Habits :** Break free from the grip of compulsive behaviors, actions, and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

**Pain Management:** Explore the mind-body connection to alleviate chronic pain and promote healing.

**Improved Sleep:** Overcome insomnia and enjoy restful nights with personalized hypnotherapy techniques.

Take the First Step toward Transformation: Send a Message or Call us at 91-9305971661 or 91-8754480667 to take your first Session