What Exactly is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy is based on the fundamental principle that – ‘You have all the resources to live a happy, joyful and productive life. Vedanta asserts that you are made of happiness and bliss. "That you are searching for happiness is like fish searching for water".

In this short article, we will explore what is Past Life Regression, the Types of Regression Healing available, and the possible benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy.

Benefits of Past Life Regression

Better relationships, success with less effort, more interest, and energy to live; transition from a dull to energetic life

Healing the past will give a greater sense of Freedom and Happiness by resolving emotional and energetic blocks

Healing the past breaks recurring patterns of pain, failure, disease, loss, etc. One can become more healthy

If I am an embodiment of happiness and Bliss; If I have all the resources to be successful and productive, then why am I not able to be happy and successful now ?

How does Past Life Regression help then?

To answer this, we should dive deeper.

Past Life Regression in Yoga:

When one is overwhelmed with a challenging situation, then the deeper survival process kicks in. One regresses to past ways of behaving and acting trying to overcome the current situation – Maharishi Patanjali.

There are three types of “Past” that affect us:

1. Past Life of the current life:

Life is a continuous process. Experiences in Childhood, Infancy, Teenage adulthood all have an impact now    

For example, if you had liked a certain food as a child, then you may be still wanting it. Whenever you see the same food you have the urge to have the same. If you had liked a certain restaurant as a child, then you may still find happiness as a grown-up too, when you have food in the same restaurant. You are reliving the past, maybe consciously.

Similarly, there could have been certain traumatic incidents that could have happened in the past. Maybe you would have been repeatedly bullied as a child. You would have tried to resist. But failed. Then the impressions of the incident would show continuously in life as lack of confidence, excessive anger, inner fear when dealing with people, lack of trust etc.

This is an example of how traumatic incidents in current life keep influencing life.

The most common incidents that affect are repeated exposure to trauma, abuse, poverty, shame, etc Death of loved ones, serious illness, long term illness and death of people around, accidents the list can keep extending.

Work to release from the emotional experiences of the past is inner-child work.

Benefits of Past Life Regression

Spiritual growth

Success with less effort

Better emotional Wellbeing

2. Impressions from the Past life – The life and lives before this life.

When one is grown up then the beliefs, thoughts, etc from childhood or infancy could influence decision making and hence life What makes two different babies react differently to the same incident as a baby.

When the mother leaves the baby, some keep crying continuously till she comes back. Some babies cry for some time and then start playing. Some babies instantly shift attention and start off. There is nothing right or wrong about any of this. The response of the baby is grounded on the inner confidence derived from the strength of past life which is called Samskara.

Once the past life experience opens to seek resolution then it keeps influencing life continuously.

3. Ancestral influence

You were created with the seed of your father and mother. You grew inside your mother. Your body is made from the body of your mother. The physical body holds the emotions and energetic imprints of a person. Hence you will be holding the energetic imprints of your parents and they will be influencing your decisions and life.

Both your father and mother were also born the same way. They have derived their body with emotions from their parents. This can go back to at least seven or nine generations.

Thus challenges in life can also be due to the influence of ancestors. These show up a sense of dejection – loss, and lack of energy in the family showing up in many forms.

Here the approach should not be Past Life Regression. The approach should be Transgenerational Healing also called Family Constellations.

So, there are three approaches to healing the past. 

Can Past Memories be erased?

The mind has been built in such a way that it will store all experience and project it whenever it gets triggered. Erasing is not possible. 
The current suffering is not because of the memory but the energetic imprint and the emotional entanglement with the unresolved experiences of the past. That entanglement can be released. This brings about change and Transformation

Is Past Life Regression Real?

There is no way one can prove if what you see as Past Life in a PLR session is real. At the same time, since the goal is to release from the influence of the past emotionally and energetically, the process brings about change. 

Memory - How does the past repeat itself. Every experience is stored as a memory. This memory gets projected into the present. Then instead of acting on the current reality, I act on the memory. 

I see a snake. I run. After a few years, I enter a similar room. I see a rope. I think it is a snake and run. So I have already acted on the image of the snake that is not there So I have acted on my imagination.

Memory is itself an imagination. But I act on that as though it is real. Hence the goal is to be free of emotional entanglement and not do research about the past. Hence the approach is to process the emotional - energetic imprint of every image and experience that shows up and release. The more one is clear about this, the more powerful the process becomes. Otherwise, it would become another egoistic pursuit.

Lack of Trust in Oneself, the Process and the Facilitator: can make Past Life Regression unsuitable

When the mind is oscillating beyond one's control and one does not or is not able to bring it back to reasonable stillness

A highly delusional state of mind, that cannot reasonably differentiate between reality and imagination makes the process unsuitable

Highly cognitive - logical - analytical minds have a driving need to be correct, clear, and fully in control. PLR is difficult here,

Can everyone undergo Past Life Regression Therapy?
Is Past Life Regression Therapy safe?

The past is anyways influencing your life. Hence whether you choose the process of healing or not the impact is already there. In that sense, the process is safe.

At the same time, the process is not suitable for everyone.

Need more Information?

For Whom Will PLR not be suitable?

1. 'I need Past Life Regression only' - " I need answers now" " I have a strong intuition that answer lies in my past" - If you have any to these thoughts then preparation is needed before you enter the process

Basically, this process has to be approached with a sense of humility. If one has already predecided and is too sure then that itself will be a block to access deeper states 

In addition, the process may not be suitable for those who think too much and look for logical answers. This arises because of a  need to be in control of what is happening, to driving need to be right - clear - calculative to ensure that no mistakes happen, and inner fear of losing control.

The process also may not be suitable for those who already have uncontrollable delusionary thoughts, medications that impact the neurological system for a long period, etc.

Having said that and as mentioned before PLR is one of the tools and not "Thr Tool'. If the goal is to heal then there are enough tools available. 

Past Life Regression, like other deep healing processes like Family Constellation, Inner child work is guided by meditative processes

One needs to come in with a sense of 'abandon' and surrender. Too much of logical right and wrong, the need to take control and be right comes from the space of wanting to know it all or I know it all. The overextended need to be in control and wanting to prove that I am right and that I know it. If one thinks that one knows it all then there will be no challenges in life. The fact that I am experiencing a challenge is proof that I do not know. Surrendering to the fact that I do not know, is the beginning of deep healing work, That I do not know and I may not know is the only reality. Can I be ok with that and yet act appropriately? Then the magic happens.