Facilitator - Transformation Group Processes

Experiential Motivational Workshops

Group Workshop 

Emotional Wellness Program at Cyberabad Police Headquarters

Emotional Wellness Program

An experiential program for the Senior Police Officers in Telangana

Awareness of Emotions and Processes to Balance

One day Workshop 

@ Andhra Chamber of Commerce - Chennai Hypnotic Circle Members

Transgeneration approach to emotional wellness

Emotional Wellness

Create a powerful Positive state of Mind with a Transgenerational Approach

Dreams can liberate

Deep Processing of Dreams can Transform Life Energies from the core

Dreams can Transform and Liberate

An experiential Process to Transform, Heal, Liberate

Happy minds focus with more clarity

Happiness is a state of mind and one can learn to create it

Deep DIve into real dreams

team workshops

a fun way to learn to collaborate - rejuvenate - revitalize