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Hypnotherapy can release emotional entanglements accumulated since infancy, which is the root of stress and stress-related diseases in the geriatric population.

Hypnosis for Elders

Hypnosis is a tool to create a relaxed state of mind, consciously and bring about changes in the mind. body and energy. In Hypnotherapy, we administer this tool with the support of a therapist.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy helps to release emotional entanglements from the unconscious mind. Though most elders think that they are through with all the childhood, teenage, and adulthood issues, it is not so. The mind stores up deep within all impressions forming chunks of major impressions that lead to unconscious stress and then lifestyle diseases, autoimmune and degenerative diseases, and also behavioral issues.

Hypnotherapy accesses the Hypnotic state of mind, a state of mind where thoughts are relatively lesser. This creates channels to deeper memories that keep influencing every aspect of thinking, opinion-making, habits, and behaviors. When this pattern is released and cleared up, the body becomes more at ease, happy, and comfortable.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy in Geriatric Care

Stress and Emotional Release can ease up the mind and restore energy flow

Daily practice of Self-hypnosis after a few sessions of hypnotherapy can reduce pain, stress, anxiety, and fear that is related to many degenerative and autoimmune diseases like arthritis, joint pain, Parkinson's, Early Stage Dementia, and also Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and other conditions.

Spiritual Growth: Most elders try to meditate. Yet achieving the meditative state of mind becomes difficult as energy flow is haphazard due to unresolved emotions in the unconscious which also lead to more thoughts.

Working with the body, mind, and energy systematically helps to make mediation happen.

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