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how to overcome stress in life naturally? an integrated approach to stress relief

To get Stress Relief you need the Golden 3 - step process

Step 1 - Identify and resolve the Root Cause

Step 2 - Rewire the brain and body to generate positive triggers instantly

Step 3 - Breath and Rhythmic Body work

Let us explore the three steps in more detail:

1. The Root Cause is usually located in the Subconscious Mind: The most effective way to identify and eliminate the root cause is to explore triggers in the subconscious mind. 

Most people get extremely angry and then repent, they repeatedly make the same mistakes in business and relationships then feel guilty. 

In a way everyone wants to be more loving, happy and successful Yet something stops them.

The real reason or the block lies in the subconscious mind. Instead of hoping for the situation to change, or for people around to change, if you take a step to find and resolve the real reason, change and stress relief happens fast. 

Hypnosis is a tool to help you achieve the same. You may need external help to being with but with practice you can learn to rewire your brain by yourself.

2. Rewiring the Brain: This is the second step. Most confuse this step with affirmations or listening to motivational talks. Rewiring the brain needs a deeper approach. 

Brian with its neurological network interfaces between the mind and the body with with habits and behaviors. In a way the real brain is embedded and deeply connected with the body and the subconscious mind.

This part needs to be accessed with guidance and practice for rewiring.

After identifying and releasing the root cause, affirmations are planted in this part of the brain and the unconscious. Then with regular practice the affirmation or new reality starts manifesting.

3. Breath and Body work : Most blocks have deep roots in the body. The muscles and cells hold past memory. Not only that long exposure to certain conditioning, patterns of failure, stress etc., would also have altered neurological and hormonal make up of the body. So including the body in the process of healing saves lot of time, money and energy.

If you need to have a stress free life fast, involve the body.

A combination of the above steps would help you get the emotional release and rewiring that you need to live a life free of stress, fear, panic. 

Yes, the above steps would also help you have a deep relaxed sleep and wake up refreshed. 

We have many options that can help you live a stress free life.

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Why you should eliminate stress asap? 

The first impact of stress shows up as anger, frustration, loss of energy, fatigue, negative thoughts, etc. Then these become a new norm.

This affects work life as you may not be having the mood or energy to focus and engage in productive work. This affects your performance.

Stress also affects your relationships as negative emotions and fatigue triggers anger in the beginning but soon leads you to experience loneliness and you may tend to isolate yourself by engaging in social media, addictive habits, and/or sleeping more etc.

Over a period of time this leads to diabetes, hormonal - emotional disturbances, blood pressure, gastritis, infertility, lack of energy for sex, etc; in women stress is the leading cause of PCOD, PCOS, Fibroids, etc.,

If still ignored stress affects internal organs like heart, liver, brain, kidneys, stomach, and lungs.

It is easy to being the process of rewiring when we begin early.

Your body also responds faster by modifying itself  to increase positive hormones and neurotransmitters if you start early.

So do not wait till you hit the alarm bell. 

No matter whatever be the stage of stress in which you are we have solutions to help you out and live a stress free life.

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stress free - naturally

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