Inner healing of childhood wounds

Hypnotherapy offers a straightforward way for the Inner Healing of Childhood wounds as using Hypnosis one can relive and release emotions that are entangled

Inner Healing of Childhood Wounds is not an unending long process when you have Hypnotherapy

I am Saravanan, a Certified Regression and Hypnotherapist, Accredited by GHSC UK and the European Association of Regression Therapists

In my experience, most people avoid the Inner Healing of Childhood Wounds as they assume that it would be a painful unending process. This is not true.

With the frameworks offered by Hypnosis in form of Psychodrama, Regression, and Hypnotherapy, we can allow the healthy flow out and processing of distressing and overwhelming emotions held within in form of anger, fear, sadness, and Shame.

The memory of childhood experiences is not the problem. That which interferes with your normal functioning is the emotions entangled within. When these emotions are released, the body becomes freer. This frees up the unconscious mind. This allows you to live more in the present.

Hypnosis offers a straightforward route because you identify and relive the experience in an altered state of consciousness which helps you to release energetic impressions and emotions that were originally suppressed due to various reasons.

When you follow it up with the right body and breath work for a month or so, you release residual impressions and also train your body and mind to become new; your unconscious inner experience would be different.

Why is it important to heal emotional wounds from Childhood?

Unhealed emotional wounds from childhood can make people feel unsafe in their bodies and relationships with others. Feeling unsafe affects relationships in both personal and professional life.

The constant need for appreciation and approval, clinging to unhealthy goals, need to achieve goals at any cost with a driving need to prove a point are symptoms of the inner need to feel safe, secure, respected, and appreciated.

Second, even if they achieve their goals, they move so fast to the next need or desire. This makes them exert themselves more at work and also at home, leading to burnout, to begin with, and later more serious psychological challenges like panic, phobia, anxiety, etc.

This affects their behaviors characterized by Angry outbursts, Rage, Suspicion, and possessiveness at one end of the spectrum while deep guilt, fear, anxiety, and insecurity on the other end.

Six Signs that Healing Inner Trauma is essential for you:

Struggle to recognize your self-esteem 

Working more and more even after you feel tired with the hope to be respected

Suffer or rebel in Silence than advocate your wants in a healthy way

Highly reactive rather respond calmly 

Struggle to Differentiate between your feelings and the feelings of others

Feel Powerless in Life, as though you are driven by situations helplessly

Being intimate and Vulnerable makes you uncomfortable

You easily develop fears

You gather achievements with the hope of being loved and accepted

Childhood Inner Trauma is a type of PTSD

Extended periods of stress and trauma in childhood or a few intense experiences of stress in childhood create deep impressions in the nervous system. 
These impressions get triggered impulsively and compulsively without awareness and propel a person to action.

Action first triggers as a compulsive old patterned emotion which then can manifest as thought, leading to poor decision-making or opinionated decision-making which leads to inappropriate action and behavior.

The common sources of Childhood trauma are :

  • Being subjected to or witnessed domestic violence
  • Accidents, Unexpected death of loved ones, Loss
  • Financial Challenges, Poverty
  • Being Bullied by peers, friends, classmates, and teachers, including cyber bullying
  • Taking care of parents with illness from a young age, especially mental illness
  • Parenting or Teaching with a focus on being the best
  • Witness to violence and subjugation forces of the society: Wars, terrorism, law enforcement, etc.,

Why does the need for Healing Childhood Wounds, gets unnoticed?

Right from schooling to college and then working to build one's own business; Succeeding and growing in one career are dominated by the need to survive with a sense of competitiveness: Comparing and Competing with others, Needing the approval of others, pleasing-rebelling seem normal.

Material Success in a way happens and one is not aware of the structures of emotions deepening within till it shows up as psychological, emotional, or psychosomatic challenges and most of the time as physiological challenges like hormonal diseases    (Thyroid, PCOS, Fibroids), Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Gastritis, etc.

Since even these challenges are considered normal and with a healthcare system offering treatment for these, the simmering childhood wounds are further repressed. 

Unexpected traumatic events, failure, break-ups, prolonged psychological-emotional imbalance, chronic diseases, etc open up the repressed wounds more powerfully when they reach a tipping point which then drifts the scale downwards.

Your timeline from the age of five and may be till the age of 60 or so is propelled by or even stolen by career and financial goals

Simple ways to heal emotional wounds from Childhood

The most common mistake that actually aggravates the process is trying to solve the issues by thinking, working with psychological frameworks, etc. All these work only with the sensory mind which is less powerful. The function of the sensory part of the mind is to give us information. Using the same part of the mind to solve problems aggravates the problem.

The larger part of the mind is held in the body and the body also holds the deepest energetic and emotional impressions.

A rhythmic body with the right breathwork is a powerful and easy way to heal and realign. With the right guidance and progressive proactive one can heal without the need to relive past experiences.

This also gives one sufficient strength to involve oneself with interventions like Hypnotherapy, Psychodrama, etc as bodywork provides proper grounding and also removes most of the impressions. We can limit the interventions for de-cathecting a few key experiences.

I do not suggest journaling, analyzing, etc without proper guidance as they may cause more harm than good as they still use the mind. They may give a sense of temporary relief but at a deeper level intensifies the identification with the trauma.

When done alone without proper guidance and bodywork they do not give positive results in my view.


Childhood Wounds and Inner trauma seek resolution in many ways

Trauma is energetically and emotionally stored in the body. It affects decision-making, behavior, and relationships.

A holistic approach that integrates the body, breath, and mind is key to transformation

This is the most powerful way to improve self confidence, Self Esteem and Relish Success

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by Saravanan