Crystal Healing

The integral Science of healing and balancing Chakras using Crystals

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What is a Crystal

Crystal is considered to be the primal Physical manifestation of energy. Each crystal has a certain internal structure vibrating at a certain frequency. We use this Frequency to heal and transform. Please continue reading to know more.

The Subtle art of Crystal Healing

We are primarily made of energy. its energy that manifests as form. Energy flows within and outside the physical form we are in.

Nerves are fired up what we call the prana. Energy body.

Prana is different type of electricity that fires up the nervous system.

Brahma, enters the body and sits in the cave of the heart with his devas – Kathopanishad.

The first firing of energy happens in the heart. (Sino Atrial Node in medical terms) - What we call as modern Science?

Where does this fire that triggers and sustains life, get its energy from.

That is what we call as ‘Prana’ in India or “Qi’ in China.

This prana flows in a system called Nadis, a parallel system like our nervous system.

The Nadis cannot be perceived by our senses.

The pranic body is not physical. It is subtle.

Subtle means we cannot locate them directly with our sensory organs. We can see their effect only.

These Nadis interface with the body, primariy through the spinal cord.

Spinal cord has seven major power junction points.

These are called Chakras.

The seven chakras vibrate at different frequencies.

The first manifestation of ‘Disease’ or ‘discomfort’ happens here.

From here it manifests in nerves and then the body.

Chakra Healing with Crystals uses healing crystals.

We have specific crystals that match the vibrational frequency of each chakra.

We use this crystal to cleanse, align and balance the chakras in crystal healing.

Crystal healing can be done in distant mode also as we work with the energies.

Crystal healing can be used as a standalone process or along with other tools like hypnotherapy and yoga therapy.


Crystal Healing Benefits

Balances and aligns the energy system in the body 

Chakras, the fundamental energy centers in the body are aligned

Can be done in distance mode and we can energetically access energies from anywhere

Can be used to heal patients who are not cooperative too

Crystal healing

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Crystal Healing, Conditions

Crystal Healing process uses the subtle yet powerful energy to bring about alignment. Its is a type of white magic. Crystal and intent of the healer and the patient/ well wisher are used as tools to harness the energy for healing purposes. Magic primarily works with intention. More power the intent more is the effect. Hence consent is key for healing.

Hence we start the process only with full explicit permission of the client/patient. Secondly we also teach practices so that after a certain period they can learn to align their energies on their own.

In case of patients who are not in a condition to take their own decisions, we take explicit permission from key stake holders after assessing the state of relationship they have with the patient.

Permission from parents in case we do the healing for children, Permission from children (Adults) incase we do for parents or from Responsible spouse if we start healing for partners. As mentioned earlier consent is a form of expression of intent and this intent is key to healing. I have explained the same in the coming section.

Crystal Healing Fees

Crystal healing involves use of energy to heal. When we access the energetic structure of the client, naturally the energy of the healer is also involved. Hence we choose clients after an initial intake only..

The fees per session would be anywhere between INR 2000 or USD 36 to INR 3000 to USD 50 per session. We take a minimum of six sessions to begin with. We do not do trial sessions free of cost or one or two session basis because healing involves energy input.

For certain patients we start with a minimum of 12 sessions. 

So basically the number of sessions to begin with depends on the initial intake

Why is consent needed?

A consent is an expression of interest to heal oneself or a loved one,

Healing using existential energy happens primarily based on intent.

Intent of the patient/client/spouse/parent/close well wisher 

Intent of the healer

Channeled healing energy of the crystal

These three are essential for healing to happen effectively.

Hence Consent is important

Where can crystal healing help?

Aligning the energy body happens naturally when we do proper guided yoga practice.

But for many reasons many are not regular. So Crystal healing can be done for general well being of a person and also to enhance the quality of life.

Crystal healing can also be used to align energy flow in medical conditions like Parkinson's, Dementia, Auto immune disorders, psychological disorders, and also in lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Hormonal fluctuations etc.

Every business unit is a consolidated energy form of many individuals. Crystal Healing can be applied to clean up energy flow that affects business, career and abundance.

Can crystal healing cause harm?

Crystals are allow energy to pass through them in a certain way. Adept healers can use one crystal to heal but more energy is spent to channelize movement.

The worst thing that can happen with crystal healing is that 'healing does not happen'. 

In my view crystal healing cannot harm or disturb existing energy as its energy is subtle while the energy within a person is more. It can help to align with the help of the healer cannot misalign.

Can crystals be used to cause harm?

Crystals can be used to remove harmful effects caused by what are termed as 'evil-eye', 'Black-magic', 'witchcraft' or any other paranormal effects like possessions etc. We need really potent and energized crystals here.

Coming to the question of can crystals be used to cause harm, my first answer is harm can be caused more easily by many other methods than with crystals. I have not heard about crystals being used to cause harm.

In my view harmful energies are more denser and to use crystal to cause is difficult and may not be possible also. So crystals cannot be used to cause harm.