When Breath Becomes a Pain

The best thing you can do for yourself, and your parents could be being with them for a regular systematic rhythmic breathing practice that will develop a deeper connection.

Elderly patient with complains of Anxiety, Fear, and Phobia...

I had a client who was 82 years old. He complained of anxiety, fear and phobia. Intense fear engulfed him in the evenings and nights were nightmares. He was afraid to close his eyes as there was intense fear.

Sleeping pills, and Anti-anxiety pills did not seem to work.

He wanted hypnotherapy.

I suggested that we do Hypnotherapy after a few weeks of preparation.

Though many call me for hypnosis after months or years of taking psychiatric medication, hypnosis or regression to release fear is difficult when one is under medication for anxiety and insomnia, or for that matter any psychiatric medication.

I did not discuss more about this with this patient.

I just told him that for hypnosis we use breath and for that we will train the lungs to breathe.

His breathing was shallow. Inhale was around 1 -2 second and exhales were half a second.

I taught him simple inhale with a longer exhale.

I asked him to do it as comfortably as possible without much strain.

He called me up a day later and complained of pain in the chest area.

His lungs and intercostal muscles (muscles in between ribs of the chest) had become so stiff that they were not able to move. His diaphragm was also inflexible.

To help him breathe properly and to bring back the breathing to an inhale of 3 seconds and exhale of 4 seconds took a month’s time.

He progressed further in a couple of months.

Fear and anxiety decreased considerable after which we did hypnosis to release fear.

The reason I am sharing this case is this:

Most take breathing for granted.

Once one crosses the age of 60 or 70 breathing becomes shallow as activity decreases.

This makes lungs, muscles around the lungs lose elasticity.

When breathing is improper, body gets starved of oxygen. This increases fear and anxiety.

In fact many adults and young adults who come with anxiety and fear issues breathe improperly.

Excessive involvement in work, movies, television series could also be one major reason. When working against a deadline or when watching a movie, you become unconscious of your breath. Breathing becomes shallow and mechanical.

This over a period affects mental health and also physical health

Breathless moments at office

Have you ever imagined what happens to you when someone asks a question for which you have no answer in meetings or customer interactions?

What happens when you are asked to present unprepared or you do not have positive results to present. Anxiety creeps in and first thing that gets affected is breath quality. Stress over a continuous period of time affects life quality and health.

As most people think, it is not just old age but loss of elasticity of lungs that affects health and life quality.

Healthy Lungs means more internal calmness, more immunity, more tolerance to pain and emotional swings. 

Once into old age, the problem aggravates when one has not practiced proper systematic breathwork

When breathing becomes difficult then the desire to live life wanes. One is caught up between difficulty to breath and the need to live. 

Yes, every breath becomes painful and fearful.

Yes, you need breath but lungs do not move. Body reacts causing fear.

Imagine what can happen if this happens?

Can ventilators help?

Ventilators and respiratory devices can help for a few days. I emphasize ‘days.

But they cannot be a substitute for breathing naturally.

Ventilators help again to supply oxygen by opening up the lungs with external force.

But the internal energy to open up the lungs and breaths does not happen.

Could be one reason many who come out of ventilators take time to get feel emotionally stable.

Basically, you cannot bypass breath and touch life.

Life is beyond breath and its only through breath can you touch life.

Systematic investment of time and energy is key to restore health and so its highly recommended that you start early and help your loved ones start early.

Insurance can give you space in the hospital or help you buy a ventilator or services of a doctor.

But its only life that can give you life.

If you need your parents to be happy and live healthy the just as you take health insurance then helping them to work toward healthy breath and movement is key.

There are many of my clients who learn and do yoga with their parents.

Chatting over phone or calling them regularly or meeting them often is good. Yet the best thing you can do for yourself, and your parents could be being with them for a regular practice that will develop a deeper connection. Yes, even fifteen minutes a day would help.

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