Welcome to Hypnotherapy: Unlocking the Power of Your Mind

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Hypnotherapy is an approach that utilizes the state of hypnosis to help individuals overcome challenges, improve their well-being, and tap into their inner potential of the Subconscious MInd

Pranayama: The Essence of Breathing and Connecting with Life

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Our Physical Body has evolved over billions of years. The intelligence of the mind that created this body has a different dimension. Pranayama is tool to apply systematic Breathing to evolve the mind.

The Transformative Power of Family Therapy in Strengthening Family Relationship

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Unlock the potential of your family relationships through the transformative power of family therapy. Discover how professional guidance and a supportive environment can strengthen communication,

Event Summary - Emotional Intelligence Workshop for Isha School Students

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Emotional Intelligence is one Key quality that will help students stay focused despite distractions. This workshop was conducted at Isha Vidhya Matriculation School funded by one of their sponsors

What is Inner Child Healing?

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Inner child Healing is a process that involves addressing and Healing emotional wounds and traumas of Childhood. Experiences had with relationships during the formative years have a lasting influence

what is Trauma and How does it affect ?

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How to become free of the effects of Trauma, How can Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy help

Inner Healing of Childhood wounds

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Hypnotherapy offers a straightforward way for the Inner Healing of Childhood wounds as using Hypnosis one can relive and release emotions that are entangled

Emotional Intelligence training for Caretakers, Is it needed?

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As a parent or a care taker when you are involved in taking care of your child or spouse or a close family member, life becomes more easy, safe when you learn to manage yourself emotionally

When Breath Becomes Painful

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If your parents are above the age of 55, the best thing that you could do for yourself and them is learning right rhythmic breathing