My work is to Facilitate Students, Clients, Coachees to lead a richer and more abundant life

Our endeavor is to Provide to our Students and Clients, an excellent internal learning environment that can bring about transformation naturally, dissolving the unconscious inner resistance to change, discover and apply inner potential


Facilitator, Integrated Personal and Professional Transformation

More than thousands of happy clients over 12 years across the Globe

Saravanan has 25 Years of Work Experience in Global Organizations

My Story

Education Background Pharmacist and Management Degree from XLRI, Jamshedpur. MS Psychology and MS in Yogic Sciences.

Worked in Healthcare Segment, in leading Healthcare Technology organizations.

Commenced Journey in as a Trainer, Coaching Consultant, with specializations in advanced individual and transformative Group processes like NLP, Regression, Socio Drama, Theatre - Constellation work, and Group Processes

Facilitated Change in thousands of individuals,  Groups in one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops over a period of 15 plus years.

What makes Integrated Approach my choice for Amazingly Lasting and Quick Results!

Key Challenges in Traditional Approach to Change and Transformation

Will the results Last? How long will it take? Will this process work for sure?

How does Life Coaching work? How does psychotherapy work?

The above are some of the most important questions that most clients, students, and aspirants ask.

There are many reasons. The investment in terms of time, energy, and money could high. Secondly, most who choose to work have really challenging times and hence there is an innate urge to make change happen now.

There are three key challenges in traditional coaching and psychological processes, that can make the process overwhelming:

1. By working only with the mind, in form of discussion - reflection - action plan, more impressions of the past are created. 

2. Secondly when you make an affirmation or decision to change it is still using the conscious - superficial part of the mind. 

3. The unconscious mind which is mostly with the body is touched very little. The more one tries to understand the unconscious with the conscious mind, the more the mind gets modified. 

But, Powerful transformation happens only when the mind is at rest. This happens when we create an environment for the mind to rest and release. So in the Mind-Body approach to Coaching and Transformation, when I say we work with the unconscious, I mean two things:

1. Conscious understanding of the unconscious and release-change the inner-belief patterns, which can happen in deep trance states

2. Energy and bodywork to release the unconsciously held energy, by consciously working with the body.

We have created courses and formats that make one experience change with minimal investment in form of time, energy, and money; Experience the results and then choose specialized deeper work, that can include one-on-one work also.

The Mind Perceives and Creates reality at by and large the same time. The more we try to understand more it gets modified. The more you get modified. "The observer is the Observed' - J.Krishnamoorthi

The whole of Eastern Psychology is based on the Here and Now process, where the focus is to deal with what is happening at the level of the mind-body - energy in the here and now.

What we call as the unconscious mind is a part of the body and not separate. The rigid patterns that run the belief systems are embedded in the body. Working with the unconscious is quick when we include the body in the process. The whole of Yoga is cleansing the past imprints even without talking about it. 

Talking about, reflecting on what happened and affirmations to work toward the new may take time to change the energetic, chemical, and neurological changes.

Choose Integrated programs and transform your life

an integrated approach to Change and Transformation


Saravanan, 15 years Experience - Certified in Psychology, Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Family Constellations, Psychodrama, Yoga and Yogic Practices

Psychodrama and Family Constellation is a process of experiencing what happens in your psyche as a function of your body. These processes bring the body into the cognitive healing processes'

Experiential Learning

At the heart of experiential learning is dissolving inner resistance to change. The process of transformation begins after resistance to change is encountered.

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Life - Coaching

Success and growth in all  that matters the most - Professional, Relationships, Parenting, Spiritual and Social- An all Inclusive Approach

Leadership Programs

Right decision making with Focus - Clarity- courage; Build functional teams - Results with integrity. Success in career and business


Integrate your dreams and intention for your child's future with right action. Emotional Intelligence that Plants the seed of Responsibility with freedom.

Emotional Wellness

Online courses and personal sessions ; Learn to live a life free of anxiety, depression, fears, Phobias, compulsive habits.

Freedom from Addictive Habits

Free yourself from compulsive habits - Road to freedom and growth- Road to the rich life that you and your loved ones dream of

Restore Health

Disease reversal with Yoga, Swadyaya and Right life-style. Processes integrating body work, cognitive reflection and energy work.

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