Discover the Newer Version of Your 'Self'

Structured Coaching and Healing Sessions to help you Transform and Grow: Achieve your Goals Stress - Free

Practical Body and Mind Transformation that helps you to be in the most resourceful state, so you can take conscious well informed healthy goal directed decisions and actions, spontaneously

Wellness Coaching and Transformation Solutions 

with Proven Effectiveness 


Satisfaction Personal Coaching, Healing Satisfaction rate


Positive Shift in Income, Career, and Business in 6 Months


Increase in Calmness, Clarity, Peace, & Focus at work & Home


Reduction in dependence on Medications for managing lifestyle diseases like diabetes, PCOD, BP, etc


Overcome Psychological Challenges like Stress, Anxiety, OCD, etc., Return to normal work, Better Sleep


Reduction in anger, rage, impulsive actions, negative thoughts, and frequent arguments at home and office


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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Coaching with Deep Healing

Disease Reversal

Teenage & Adolescence Counselling

Parenting - Relationship Guidance

Relationship Coaching with Healing

Overcome Fear Phobia Stress Anxiety

Career - Business - Financial Success

Resolve Karmic Recurrent Patterns

Your Wellness Coach

Sarvanan, Coach 

Life - Business - Wellness 

Certified Hypnotherapist 

Past Life Regression Therapist 

Yoga Therapist

Weight Loss and Fitness Programs

Virtual Live Fitness and Weight Loss sessions. Reduce excess weight, Avoid Obesity-related health issues like PCOD, Fibroids, Diabetes, Blood Pressure. Obesity also affects relationships, and work life. Know more, Holistic wellness programs

You can get the life that you deeply desire 

A Healthier, Wealthier, more Accomplished and Purposeful Life 


More Success in Business or Career

More Happiness and Joy in Relationships

More Health and Vitality in your Being

As you embark on the journey of discovering yourself

Coaching - Mentoring that Includes All Aspects of your Life

Clarity - Direction 

Comprehensive goals that can transform every aspect of your life within six months

Leadership Skills

Get trained in Tools to stay focused, gain confidence, breakthrough limitations - Belief to inspire and empower self

Health and Vitality

Become more healthy, Optimizing your breath body and movement. Disease Reversal Programs

Create More Wealth

Mentoring, Consulting and Training to execute action plan to achieve goals in marketing, strategy, scaling profitably

Relationship Skills

Heal and Build Relationships at home and work. Relationships that last. Learn to give, and invite more love, intimacy   


Learn How to Speak so others listen and Listen so others Speak. Build trust, Persuade, Influence. Sell

Coach Yourself to Success - Free Programs

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21 - Day Personal Mastery Program

Emotional Skills

Stress Management

Mind Management Skills

Our Learning Programs: 

On Demand, Instant Access, Fully Prerecorded

Smart Student Program

Smart Students do not just study hard for long hours. Smart Students study with right state of mind, with mind - body- energy aligned to be in the most resourceful state. 

The Good news is Your Child can learn to create a fully involved right state of mind with right training and practice.

Diversions, Peer Pressure, Bullying, Poor Self Esteem, Lack of confidence, Fear of exams, etc are some of the reasons as to why students underperform.

 Our Smart Student Training program can help your Children study and Score High stress-free by helping them with scientific techniques to build instant confidence, Focus and Clarity. At just INR 489

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