Anxiety is fear of what may happen in the future. Anxiety is thus a state of mind. Continuous anxiety can lead to a physical change in the brain, increase in the concentration of certain chemicals related to anxiety.

How to Overcome Anxiety

Continuous thoughts that lead to more anxious states is a result of neurons in the brain being more comfortable in triggering such thoughts and also supported by neurotransmitters, chemicals secreted by neurons; that increase intensity of the thoughts that lead to more anxiety

Don't Feel Anxious! Advice may not help.

Asking a person not to feel anxious, not to think negatively by showing him examples and reasons to be confident is like asking a person who doest not know swimming to swim, by showing him the river or pool

How to Overcome Anxiety?

Avoid activities, habits that disturb the mind.

While most entertainments are assumed to make the mind calm and relaxed, in reality, television viewing - browsing the internet, dining out, etc may lead to more anxiety as the lead to trigger emotions in the unconscious. This leads to more disturbance of the mind and brain which though may give temporary relief, may lead to intensification of Anxiety.

How to Overcome Anxiety

Mind-Body- Energy workouts. As mentioned earlier anxiety is a state of mind. Mind is integrated with the body. Energy is the basis of both mind and body. Hence simple breathwork practices which include the body will help to release unconscious thought patterns in the body and brain. When this feedback loop is reduced the mind becomes freer. Secondly, proper use of breath would help to directly release patterns held in the mind. Regular practice using the mind and body would help one to restructure with healthy patterns.

When can I seek help?

How to overcome Anxiety?

When Anxiety stops you from engaging in productive work, continuous depressive states making you function much below your potential; indulgence in addictive behaviors then seeking professional help can help you overcome anxiety.

Psychotherapy - Counseling

Most forms of anxiety can be overcome with Proper Counseling and Psychotherapy. Past life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Psychodrama, Family Constellation are deeper healing tools, which properly integrated with bodywork leads to a quick transformation.