Medicine, Disease & Treatment

The name of a dis-ease is an idea, which takes shape and form as you conceive it. Ignoring it is not an option, as the primal conception about medicine, disease, and treatment has already happened. You may need to choose the right step to come back to ease; the right step is not necessarily easy and pleasant, to begin with. For, If the dis-ease that exists in the deeper mind is resolved, then you create an environment that is is at ease.

When you give a name to a state of        dis-ease, it takes a shape and a form

A disease is a state of disease of a being. When you handle it as a state and not as an object, it is easy to change the state. You do not give it a reality. The moment you name it, you crystallize it. It takes shape, based on what you feed it with; from your memory and from others. It may then become unsurmountable, objectified. Then you become objectified.

Do not Ignore the natural ability of the body to heal itself - Hippocrates - Father of Modern Medicine

The disease is a Verb, Not a Noun

  • The noun is a 'word' used to identify anything - object, place, person
  • A noun is construed as a constant, unchanging thing
  • Yet you are constantly changing. 
  • You are constant action - different today than yesterday
  • Your different now, different from the previous moment

Cells of the body die every six months

  • when cells of the body die and form newly every six months, how can disease stay constantly?
  • Cells are in dynamic motion and action and so is the disease
  • The intensification of the state of disease happens as a result of unconscious choices, belief and compulsive thought- Behavior -habit patterns

Body & Organs are pliable, forms formed by the breath

  • Fooled by the form and structure we consider the body and organs as a solid form
  • Body in reality is being constantly formed and unformed. It is a continuous cycle
  • Since your inner reality is directing this unforming and forming, it is only you who can bring it to a healthy state

What medicine actually does?

A doctor administers medicine to create an environment for the body to heal itself. Treatment thus is done by the body only. In reality, you are treating yourself.  So it is the inherent capacity within you that increases the probability of treatment. Out of our ignorance, we attribute the full credit to the doctor or the medicine if we are cured. If the treatment fails, we say the doctor tried his best. we also tend to blame God or fate.

The next question is - I want to treat myself. I am positive. I am vibrant.  How is it that I am not able to heal?                                                        Why should I have a disease in the first place? 

Yoga Therapy - Yoga

Yoga will help you to learn to create an environment to heal yourself. Yoga is a deeper level of intervention than external intervention as work with deeper layers of yourself. 

it is also a more personalized process as you are unique in every way - internal beliefs, karmic structure, emotional patterns. In yoga, since you learn to create an environment for healing and growth, you become empowered rather than seeking help outside.

In a sense, then, when people choose yoga therapy they choose a way to learn how life works.

It takes trust, perseverance, and hardship. It is a difficult path as here you do the work yourself. 

Then th relationship with Yoga, with life, and with the Yoga Teacher can evolve into a new form.


For a Conditioned and divided mind, filled with self-doubt,  Yoga becomes difficult as Yoga makes not claim to treat you like other modalities. Nor does it say it will save your life. It takes trust, Hardship, and Perseverance, sometimes a sense of loneliness too as you may have to walk alone. 

What helps is logic - Medicines don't cure. For if they would have cured, then there would be no disease. Medicines don't make you independent nor do they make you healthy. If you just look around the truth is all out for you to see. You may know that there is nothing to lose in Yoga, as anyway nothing else seems to really work or save lives.

In fact, it mostly starts with saying to live well you should know to die well. It takes trust, perseverance, and hardship initially to choose and stay on this path. When the relationship with yourself, with yoga, and the one who administers yoga to you evolves, everything changes. YOU MAY LEARN THE ART OF LIFE. If this is valuable then you can make the choice.