Very few people know that there are only facts clear about COVID 19. Both are how to protect yourself from the Virus

1. Social Distancing 

2. Building immunity 

While Social distancing is an easier way, given that we need to move out for work and other activities, few people take steps to consider the second factor - Immunity building.

 Few ignore, few add immune food to their diet and very few take some more active steps like increasing physical and mental fitness. Mental health challenges, triggered by the precautionary measures we take as a group at times creates so much fear and anxiety and experts say that this could be more damaging than the pandemic itself.

Though social distancing and staying indoors is a powerful way to protect, one should prepare one physical, mental and immune strength as of now there seems to be no idea as to when and how the situation would end. As one wonders about this, it is now the apt time to prepare the body, mind, and immune with certain proven tools.

The video that follows gives you a simple 20-minute regimen that can keep your body, mind, and immune system vibrant in these challenging times.


Stress - Sedentary Lifestyle 

Social distancing, quarantines, forced confinement at home sometimes becomes a test to our physical and emotional resilience. (Reference from WHO)

At a time when you need to be at the peak of mental and physical health, stress due to various reasons - an emotional, financial, sedentary lifestyle, etc, compromises the immune system. This further increases the vulnerability to be infected. Hence its all the more important to take steps to keep your system at the peak of its health.

This can help you manage the current situation and also be ready when the challenge subsides.

The embedded video has a simple tool to help you physically and emotionally fit and vibrant. This needs 20 minutes of daily practice.

COVID 19 & Mental health challenges

Children are confined to the homes

When will it end ?

Fear of contacting COVID Virus

Physical Distancing

Economic and Financial Challenges

The tendency to become sedentary leading to addictions, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, addictive TV viewing habits

Immunity compromise, mental stress - a vicious cycle 



The official data from WHO 

1. Physical fitness

2. Mental health

3. Avoiding tobacco

4. Healthy diet 

5. Healthy parenting

The above are key elements of taking care of oneself during COVID 19 times.

'managing the fear of contracting the virus and worry about people close to us who are particularly vulnerable, are challenging for all of us' - World Health organization

20 Minutes a day - every day to a vibrant physical and emotional health

Yoga and Pranayama are the effective tools to improve your immune system and helps to keep your natural self-defense system at its peak level of performance. This is most important today because you may have to move out for work and various reasons. So its important to start practicing now.