How to overcome Anxiety and Fear?

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To understand how to overcome anxiety naturally one should first understand that the origins of anxiety and fear , beyond a certain point is not from the current situation.

Yoga and Yoga Therapy


Yoga Therapy is the deepest form of Psychotherapy| Yoga Therapy uses the body to work with the mind systematically| Certified Yoga Therapists| Psychotherapists

Overcoming Fear

How to overcome Fear of Death | Fear | Panic | Phobia

The Inner Freeze - Unconscious Trauma response

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Release Emotional Patterns of Past trauma with Past Life Regression

Medicine, Knowledge and Objectification of the Disease

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Homeopathy - Allopathy - Yoga Therapy - Holistic Treatment

What is Coaching Presence ? How can one improve it ?

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Daily Practices that can help coaches develop powerful Coaching presence | Coaching presence is an unconscious coaching competence instils swiftly as it a coaching by personal example

What every Life - Coach should know ?

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becoming a Life Coach | Emotional Resilience for Life Coaches |

Will healthy relationships at home impact work life, Career Growth and financial abundance

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What is the impact of quality of relationships on work life? Will a happy conscientious spouse increase productivity at work? Can quality of my relationships impact career growth, business success?

Achieving Goals

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What is evoked inside you when the words - Goal | Target | Review Meetings can impact the work stress levels and goal achievement. The reactions are unconscious. Effective process can help you deal

Three Reasons to Choose Holistic Coaching

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Holistic Coaching helps you learn to understand and manage emotions and energy behind the emotions better - Energy and Emotional Intelligence

What you should know about Mind-body-Energy coaching -1

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Subconscious mind Power - Regression Process - Life Coaching - Mind body coaching

Covid 19 and Stress

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How to overcome stress and fear of Covid 19, Covid 19 and immunity building