Happy Relationship with Spouse has a positive impact on work

A article in Scientific American that reviews a study done by Britanny Solomon and Joshua Jackson from Washinton University summarizes

  1. There is a tendency to emulate the behavior of the spouse. Hence a conscientious spouse may increase reliability and productivity.
  2. Conscientious couples have better relationship satisfaction
  3. Marital Satisfaction may reduce stress and this makes it easier to channelize energies for professional endeavors.

Better relationship with spouse enhances efficiency at work because the partners feel more supported and understood. When one is happy and feels safe at home focus on work increases and so does productivity

Employees with poor spouse relationships have a challenging time at work

Employees with poor spouse relationships have a challenging time at work.

Studies show that employees undergoing divorce-related challenges lose work time to an extent of 168 hours which is approximately 8% of the work time.

 Another study from the Grief recovery institute shows that emotional distress leads to the following

  • Absenteeism
  • Lost productivity
  • Increased errors and accidents
  • Reduced concentration
  • Poor decision making
  • Distraction

Relationship quality is directly related to an internal state of being

Happy personal relationships create a safe and contented internal state that creates a safe and secure internal environment conducive for productive work life.

If not one may tend to come to the office carrying the impact of unpleasant experience which impacts work productivity.

Most executives may vouch that if one employee in bad mood takes it on a co-worker, a sort of chain event is started off. 

'The way I relate with others and the degree of success I have in my professional life is a result of how I relate with myself'. 

With Coaching and commitment, I can change the way I relate with myself.

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