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Quantum Physics has proven beyond doubt that we are fundamentally energy. What is energy? Energy is something that you experience only by its effect. Food is digested by energy. Blood moves by energy. The whole of life is driven by energy. We can only see the effect of energy. We cannot experience energy in its raw form in this dimension of experience.

From energy, the mind is formed and from the mind, the body is formed. The brain is the part of the body that interacts with the mind through the nervous system. Our thoughts, beliefs, strategies, etc are embedded in the mind and body (which includes the brain too). Attempting to master the thoughts using the mind may be less effective if we do not involve the energy. Holistic coaching includes practices that progressively helps to give mastery over the mind and body as energy management happen scientifically.


They held it secret to avoid misuse as this could be detrimental for those who are not prepared. For example, we discovered some knowledge about how atoms work and created an atom bomb. 

1. Practices to enhance energy to lead yourself through situations create more than normal stress

Vedic and Yogic coaching frameworks primarily work with the energy system of the body. 

By right practices that are suitable to your inner nature, goals, and stage in life you can consciously create an inner environment that is more suitable to help you achieve your conscious holistic goals.

While routine coaching works with thought processes Vedic sciences work from the fundamental principle – energy. This makes transformation holistic, quick, and safe. This makes holistic coaching based on transpersonal psychological tools an integrative process.

'The mind is a state of existence and so is the Body'

The mind is in a constant state of flux as 'mind is a state of experience'. The body is derived from the mind. Hence the nature of the body is also to be in a state of constant flux. The state of mind determines your external behaviors, habits, and results. The state of mind also determines your inner thought process, perception, and clarity.

On a deeper level, the state of mind also determines physiological health. Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hormonal imbalance, and other psychological challenges like reactionary anger, sleep issues, compulsive habits, etc indicate that imbalance in energy has impacted the mind and this has impacted the body also. Hence holistic coaching process focusses to restore health by natural and holistic processes; this creates a positive impact on life.

Physiological health represents The internal state

Use physiological and psychological parameters as feedback to enhance social, personal, financial, and career success; and happiness

2. Restore and enhance physiological health

Physiological and Psychological health indicates the state of mind, internal thought processes, and deeper beliefs.  Holistic Coaching uses the physical health and psychological challenges as feedback to develop personalized reflective frameworks and bodywork course plans

While most accept that disease begins in the mind, this acceptance is either reduced to an idea or to develop affirmations, goal setting, and resolutions for implementation and feedback. 

Holistic Coaching is grounded on Yogic and Vedic Sciences that offer the most profound tools to mankind for emotional and physiological well being. 

By learning to restore and enhance in a natural manner you get back years of life.

Emotions indicate the change in the state of the 'total mind' moment to moment.

I call this 'total mind' because emotions indicate the overall state of mind that includes - the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind. Hence Emotions can be used as feedback first to know one's own internal state of mind. Most coaching programs stay away from emotions. Any coaching that ignores coaching ignores a powerful tool that can be used for transformation.

Emotional intelligence is nearly the most important indicator of success in many aspects of life. At the same time if success does not give sustained satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment with a dynamic zeal to move to the next moment it indicates that emotions are either suppressed or expressed in inappropriate ways and place. This also may not lead to continuous holistic success. Holistic coaching focusses on emotional intelligence and emotional quotient.

Emotion is the language of the mind

Emotional intelligence is learned by both cognitive understanding and experiential practice that create, sustain calm nurturing internal states of mind.

Holistic Coaching integrated frameworks for self-reflection, change, and practices to create a neural infrastructure to know with precision the emotional state in a challenging situation and act appropriately to achieve goals moment to moment.

learn the art of creating calm, yet dynamic internal emotional state