The happy news is that evoked unconscious fear, and anxiety  may not be related to the current event

Goal Achievement - Stress 

 Irrespective of position, experience, and past success most executives and leaders confirm experiencing reactions related to fear, anxiety; some also feel blocked when experiencing words like 'Goals - Target - Review meetings' etc. Without brushing off as normal stress reaction, resolving reactions that unconsciously impact emotional health and performance, can lead to more involved, productive, and participative meetings followed by efficient goal-oriented action. This is because when these unconscious reactions are culled from the roots, one doesn't need to deal with the stress that is unconsciously triggered - stress with an intensity that is not related to the current goal or task in hand

The inner churn 

The client was fairly successful in his selling stint and had grown from a front line executive to leading a large sales team heading the country. When he met me he had been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure with kidney function tests about to reach the upper limit.

During the intake process, he got in touch with intense reactions his body and mind undergoes when it came to meeting his professional goals and also personal financial goals. Though he was confident of meeting his goals as he had been disciplined and successful since the beginning of his career and at his current stage in life there is no dire need to feel so disturbed he still is feeling so.

Tension in the face, unpleasant sensations in the abdomen when deepened led to the rigidity of his limbs. Normally he either smokes or calls his subordinates to pass off these emotions and hence he wasn't in touch with the rigidity of his limbs that were hiding beneath the dominant voice. 

The process based on mind-body work led him to a childhood situation where he had to perform to avoid the spanking of his teacher and father. His mother used to watch him cry helplessly. The emotional and somatic release of these stored up experiences that were opening up in the current context was resolved with a cognitive realization and reframing.

This was followed up with two more sessions. He now practices regular body and movement work at home with monthly sessions.  He is more at peace, his body weight is more stable and so is his blood pressure. He does not experience reactions with the same intensity and hence manages more pleasantly. 


Symptoms - Procrastination - Anxiety - Feeling of Stuckness - wait for the final rush 

Goal achievement stress affects performance, physiological health unconsciously may lead to unseen and lost opportunities. When it becomes a recurring pattern the impacts multiply.

As said earlier the good news is that this can be overcome with processes that involve the body and mind in a safe set-up. Click to know more

Freedom from this stress helps you to

  • work more at ease
  • use your resources and skills more efficiently 
  • achieve personal and professional goals more easily