What every Life Coach Should know?

When facilitating coachees through a seemingly difficult challenge, like career transition, relationship issues or compulsive behaviors, or repeated failures, deep unconscious churn happens in the unconscious of the coach too. This is because the mind is structured to pick up and process every bit of information it is exposed to.


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This churn becomes more intense and amplified if the coach had also gone through a similar process or if the coach is currently working through the same. 

That the unconscious has been impacted would be felt only by the effect. ' Loss of interest, lethargy, sense of loss, untold fear, reduction in the number of clients, attracting clients with similar challenges, tendency to avoid certain clients, a tendency to give information rather coach'  are common effects of unconscious impact

"While it could be difficult to resolve unconscious impact by the cognitive processes which involves reflective thinking and analysis ; regular bodywork involving all layers of self would be a powerful method not only to release the unconscious impact but also enhance efficiency as a coach"

Intense Cognitive processes involving the mind thus create deep change consciously and unconsciously, both in the mind of the coach and coachee.

Our physical body has physical boundaries while the mind does not have one.

Experiences and challenges shared in form of beliefs, emotions, opinions, and decisions are from the mind. In a way, they could be considered to be the contents of the mind.

However one may logically understand that the coachee is sharing his or her own experience and challenge, the coach processes the information within his or her mind. Hence there is a change that happens inside the mind of the coach too. The changes created in form of emotions, beliefs, etc could be both conscious and unconscious. Thus every transaction in powerful coaching sessions renders a change in the whole structure of the mind of the Coach also. 

Repeated changes within a specific period of time create a change that may become permanent. If regular rejuvenation processes are not followed, it may not be surprising that the coach may land up having the same challenge that his or her clients face.

When certain simple practices to release these unconscious changes from the physical and mental body (the mind) are followed regularly, the change that happens is minimized then neutralized. With more regularity impacts like this would lead to positive transformation in the coach too. This enhances the coaching efficiency and also the love of coaching as a profession. 

Coaching Presence

Coaching Presence is an unconscious competency that is a result of a stable unconscious. An unconscious mind that perceives the impact and restores originality and normalcy quickly, gives more power and presence for a coach. It helps to build trust because emotional resilience is a fundamental quality that forms the basis of most transformative processes.

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Originally published November 23, 2020

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