how to achieve physical fitness and wellness - safely

Is your physical fitness workout safe and efficient?

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Physical Fitness and Wellness, Can it be safe?

Why is Choosing a ‘safe and effective process to achieve physical fitness and wellness important?

Do you know - As per NCBI, US

32% of injuries that happened due to improper physical fitness practice have led to long-term injury, mostly related to joint problems, like osteoarthritis.

56% of percent of people who are involved in physical activity have reported injuries that can be related to physical activity.

British Medical Journal study reports the following:

 41percent of injuries reported was injury of the lower extremities

70% of injuries required medical attention

44% were not able to continue exercising after the injury.

In addition physical activity that focuses on cardiovascular endurance, neurovascular health may influence heart rate, heart muscle activity, lung capacity, the blood supply to the brain.

Hence safety is a very important aspect to be aware of when one chooses a physical activity to wellness and health.

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Author - Saravanan, Wellness Coach

The mind is continuously impacted by any physical activity, If the activity is mechanical, propelled by loud instructions or music; you agitate the mind and keep emotions high, then the whole purpose of the activity is lost.  

Two Major Components of Physical Fitness - What are they?

1. Cardiovascular Endurance 

2. Muscular Endurance

Cardiovascular Endurance, Meaning

The ability of the heart to supply oxygen to all parts of the body without getting tired is the key component of Cardiovascular endurance. 

Good cardiovascular endurance means one can exert for long hours of work with less tiredness. The body can adapt to stressful events better. This is also a measure of the health of the heart, lungs, and muscles of the body. 

Can you improve cardiovascular endurance? Can you exercise the muscles of the heart, lungs, muscles of the body systematically without adversely affecting the healthy functioning of the heart, the heart muscle; without harming blood vessel integrity is the most important point to be considered in any physical fitness activity. 

Muscular Endurance, Meaning

How long and how intensely can my muscles work without getting tired? 

Muscles work by contracting against resistance. Muscles need oxygen to work. An extensive workout can also cause muscle tears. They should also be repaired quickly. So good Muscular strength and endurance means muscles work by consuming oxygen efficiently and repairing muscles quickly. 

When muscles are put to work, the heart is also put to work as the heart needs to pump more blood to meet oxygen needs. This activates the lungs. Oxygen is taken in and Carbon Dioxide is eliminated. So muscular endurance is also dependent on cardiovascular endurance and lung health. 

‘Heart Muscle - Blood vessels in the heart - Brain - Blood vessels in the brain - Lungs - Muscles of the body - Blood Vessels in the body’ are all involved when one works to increase cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and endurance.

They do not work in isolation. Hence a physical fitness plan should consider all these aspects for protecting and enhancing health safely.

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What is Agility in Physical Fitness?

Agility is a function of strength and flexibility. For example, when you work at a desk and turn around to pick up a document urgently, the whole body with the spine should shift seamlessly with the right postural movements. If not the movement can injure. Muscular sprain, Strain happens due to these sudden movements. Agility is the ability to shift the entire body position quickly with the right posture also. Just reacting quickly and moving is only half done. It has to be done right. Physical activity training should be able to train the muscles including muscular memory to respond and shift fast with the right movement.

Additional Factors affecting physical fitness:

In addition to cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, agility the other factors affecting physical fitness could be speed, flexibility, coordination, balance, and body composition.

Body composition refers to the relative levels of muscles, bones, fat, and other tissues in the body. For example, more muscle mass with less joint strength can reduce efficiency and movement.

Speed, Flexibility, coordination, and balance are seamlessly integrated with each other. Strong muscles without flexibility can reduce speed. If Agility is less, coordination is lost. Strength, Flexibility, and movement should be balanced to get the right speed.

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Charles Darwin

’It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the most adaptable to change’ -  intelligence lies in having a body and mind that is strong and flexible (adaptable)

What is Physical Fitness and Wellness?

Principles of Physical Fitness plan should meet the goals of physical fitness and at the same time enhance the functional capabilities of the mind and emotions. 

Mental wellness and emotional balance affect physical fitness. There can be no physical fitness without emotional wellness, because strength, flexibility may not be put to the right use to achieve life goals. 

A strong flexible and agile body makes the mind more flexible and resilient. The reverse is also true. Inflexible body and muscles can make the mind also inflexible and rigid. I have seen many people with strong muscles clenching their muscles very often; their mind is constantly focussed on growing stronger muscles. Many tend to assume that muscular strength and size can help them win in all situations which are rarely true.

Mental fitness and Physical Fitness are mutually inclusive. Mental Fitness is the ability to be focussed, pleasant, and happy with positive thoughts. Mental fitness will help one work for a long duration with less fatigue, develop deep intimate relationships, and achieve social-professional-financial goals.

It is difficult to be mentally fit without physical fitness; similarly, physical fitness without mental fitness may not take one anywhere.

If your work demands long hours of focussed sitting work, then the fitness regimen should enhance this capability. If you are a student then the fitness regimen should enhance your ability to read, comprehend, remember and apply the knowledge when needed. 

Strong-bulky muscles may not represent strength. A lean-slim body may not be representative of beauty and attractiveness. Confidence, happiness, beauty, and joy are states of mind that manifest as a healthy, happy life. 

If you ask me what is physical fitness, then my answer would be that physical fitness is a process to facilitate a life that is relaxed, focussed, healthy and productive.

This brings us to one of the most important components of physical fitness and wellness - Lifestyle.

Physical Fitness and Lifestyle:

Lifestyle factors that affect physical and mental fitness today are hours of work, travel for work, erratic sleeping hours, food habits, and socializing habits. Of these socializing factors, food habits and irregular sleeping hours impact the biological rhythm of the body, The energy structures of the body are affected by these factors. Hence one should choose a physical fitness program that helps to address the energetic layer of the system.

Elements of Physical Fitness 

Elements of Physical fitness should include a process that can create a calm, perceptive, vibrant mind and a manageable energy system within. The goals of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, agility should be met keeping the goal of creating a calm pleasant state of mind as the primary goal. Then physical fitness will serve the overall needs of the individual.

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