Malignant Movie and The effect of Abortion


Regression, Yoga, and Hypnotherapist

Malignant Movie was more of a metaphysical and paranormal than a horror movie for me. While the effect of abortion is discussed from the viewpoint of the safety of the mother, adequate respectful energy work for the baby will bring more inner joy, happiness, and contentment to everyone concerned.

The energetic imprint of the aborted twin and the impact it has on the surviving twin or the baby that was born after the abortion has been a subject of interest in Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy.

The client, a woman was around 40 years old. Married with a child aged about 12 years. She wanted to change her gender. She shared that the inclination to become a man was becoming stronger day after day. She loved the clothes of males and typical male activities. Physically she seemed alright. Beautiful and composed for her age, successful at her profession. Her husband was a businessman and the daughter was wondering as to what was happening.

The story goes like this. When she was about five years old, the car in which she was traveling hit a child walking across the road. The child, a boy was around five years old. He was brought into her car and paid by her side. The boy died before they reached the hospital.

She was molested by an unknown woman elder to her during her first solo trip to a city. That was a shock to her. Since then, she had been maintaining two mail ids. One with a fictional male name and another with her own name. The fictional name was just to write about her masculine fantasies to attract girls and win friends. There had been no close encounter with any girl though. She said that the second identity was to have fun and also gave her a sense of safety.

Energetic Beginnings

Regression to these instances clearly showed up energetic influence from the child that died in the car accident. As a five-year-old, seeing death happen just by her side, had shifted her energies so powerfully that the energetic impact of the deceased was high. In metaphysical – paranormal terms the boy had been growing with her since. The next major impact was when she was molested by a woman. The boy in her opened. Then followed the playful creation of a mail id with a fictional male name. when she met me, it was nearly full-blown energy that had to be safely handled.

What made the process tough was the protective attitude of the other; the need to hold the same and protect the identity of the male within oneself with the perceived benefits of being a male.

Energetic Release

.The whole process of being energetically attached is unconscious in the sense that the ability to discriminate between me and others becomes difficult. This creates safety issues too.

Today she is happy living as a wife and a mother, with less inclination to change her sex.


Abortion is the termination of pregnancy by artificial external intervention. While the consent of the parents can be taken the consent of the growing baby within is ignored. Not considered too. It can have its effect.

Is abortion safe:

Today there are many safe methods to abort, especially if the intervention happens early at least before a month or so. Metaphysically – Hypnotherapeutically – Spiritually the soul of the new baby enters the womb after around 30-40 days of pregnancy. If abortion happens after that period then the energetic impact on the mother, family, and the next baby cannot be completely overruled. The answer to the question “is abortion safe’ should be answered by considering the energetic aspects too.

Does abortion affect everyone who undergoes the process:

The answer is yes and no as this is an unknown space for anyone to make any declarative statement. The extent of the impact depends on the energy of the couple, the mother, the family environment, the spiritual practices one is involved and the energy of the next child also. The unconscious impact of the lost baby on the couple, especially the mother has a significant impact.

The effect of abortion can again be seen by the amount of happiness and growth in the family.

How happy is the next child? could be one question to ask.

In my experience, the major exposition of the energetic attachment of the aborted baby happens in and around the age of 18-20.

I remember a case of a 17-year boy who suddenly refused to go to school. It was his final exam. It was a direct hypnotherapy session. He went into a space where he held the baby that was aborted before his birth. Energetic work here was simple and straightforward. The mother did not come along with the boy. The boy's father confirmed that there was an abortion before the birth of this boy. I said nothing. Later he confirmed that the boy went for the exams without much force. There was a clear energy shift within the boy in the next session, He was more happy and free.

Effects of Abortion:

When we discuss the effects of abortion, the physiological and medical impact of abortion is usually handled, while the energetic impact is ignored. It is a kind of forced death to the unborn. If this can be handled appropriately – respectfully it can avoid major complications from the unknown in the future.

‘I have forgotten that,  ‘It did not have any impact on me’,  ‘I do not regret’ 'That was a conscious decision' are some statements from mothers.

Yet, when regressed there are tears of separation. When properly closed the happiness in the family and the surviving twin or the next child increases significantly.

I remember a case of an intelligent boy ( as narrated by his mother). The boy was super intelligent. Above normal IQ ratings. He had got admission to leading technology and management institutes. But refused to join in any of them. Sudden weight gain after the age of 20. When the mother met me he was 125 KG, 23 years old refusing to come out of his room. I told her that since he is your child, we can find, and clear the cause in you that has created this situation in your life. She regressed straight to her first pregnancy (She had not shared that with me). She lost the child after nearly seven months of pregnancy. We had to take two sessions to complete the work of energetic and physical release.
The boy then recovered to normal weight in around one year. He did not even come for any personal work. The mother also did not connect with me later. They move on. Not everyone stays in touch.

The core story line of the movie malignant goes beyond normal comprehension. The movie covers aspects of real physical growth within the brain of the surviving twin. This should be very rare or even fictional. I am not aware of that.

Yet, having said that the impact of abortion on the next baby, the mother and family cannot be ignored. The most common symptoms I have seen in my practice are the following.

1.       The major impact on the next child is felt at around or after the age of 18-20 years. Abnormal behavior, weight loss or gain etc

2.       Abnormal behavior includes refusal to comply with normally accepted social process like attending school – college, going to work; bouts of depression- fear- anxiety; acts of aggression.

3.       Relationship issues between couples, after abortion has happened is also very common.

4.       Inability to conceive after abortion

5.       Onset of serious lifestyle diseases after abortion is also common.

Originally published September 14 2021