How can a psychiatrist near me help me with my mental health?

When it comes to choosing a Psychiatrist Near Me for mental health the fear of Psychiatric Medicine Side Effects lurks large in the minds of most people

In my view one question that lingers in the mind of most patients, and caretakers is this: can a psychiatrist near me give me medicines with the least side effects?

This is because today psychiatric medicines' side effects are available on the internet with a click of a button on a google search and the side effects seem to affect work life and regular family life in a big way. Especially long-term use of medications.

Before we answer questions like, How to stop Psychiatric medicine, Can I Cure without psychiatric medicines, What is the Best ayurvedic treatment for psychiatric problems we should take a minute to understand how the problem started and the root cause of the fear behind these questions.

In my view, the real problem when it comes to psychological and mental health challenges is that most miss or ignore the early symptoms. 

When you pay attention to the earliest symptoms like involvement in compulsive behaviors like overthinking, negativity, frequent arguing, socially accepted compulsive habits like bingeing on television - social media - Series in OTT which actually bring in lethargy, inability to focus on the job much could have been solved with the least effort.

When this is missed for quite some time and if you keep suppressing the problem within, or being involved in diversionary tactics for a longer period of time then one becomes socially dysfunctional. Then intervention with medicine may be needed with a psychiatrist would decide.

As we continue with this discussion it would help if we can answer the primary question - How can a psychiatrist help you deal with mental health challenges.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor. They can prescribe medications. 

Psychiatrists offer a wider range of treatment that can include psychiatric medications, and brain stimulation therapies. Psychiatrists can also offer methods like ECT etc. Few psychiatrists are trained in Psychotherapy. 

Psychiatrists work with complex medical conditions and disorders termed Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorders, Severe Depression, etc.

Psychologists, Psychotherapists, and facilitators like Regression - Hypnotherapists, Yoga Therapists, etc help to help yourself overcome this challenge without any medications.

Is Cure without Psychiatric Medicines possible? 

In my view the answer is this:

Medicine in any form, allopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy, etc can provide you a window of opportunity to bring about a healthy change in your lifestyle. Having said that They can provide instant relief but you should use the opportunity to make the necessary changes, quickly. The above methods of treatment compensate for the lack or excess of certain inner chemistry by use of certain other chemicals

The distinction with Ayurveda is that the ayurvedic principles of treatment are based on the assessment of certain underlying tendencies and the medicines are derived from natural sources. 

In any of the above methods, Lifestyle change is key for transformation.

The lifestyle here is not the type of car you drive, the home you live in, or the holiday you take.

Lifestyle includes your habits and behaviors, including how you interact with others, your deeply held beliefs that influence your emotions, your thought patterns, the way you do what you do, and your habits. 

Healing interventions like Regression, Hypnotherapy, can help you dissolve certain key resistances that stop you from changing the above-said lifestyle parameters.

Movement and Bodywork like Yoga and Tai Chi can bring about the necessary inner chemical change by natural means and wean off energetic blocks from your physicality. 

And in all the above cases your commitment to learn, change and adapt is key to transforming your state.

If the patient is dependent financially, emotionally, and physically on the parent/caretakers they should also be involved in the process with this understanding. Then change happens swiftly. 

If not it will be a triangular cat and mouse game between the Parents - Patient - Facilitator which I usually do not encourage in my setup. It wastes time, energy and money.

The goal is thus to bring out a complete inner transformation at all levels. Thus any challenge can be viewed as an opportunity to grow if we take a holistic approach.

How to stop Psychiatric Medicine?

If you are already under psychiatric medications and then you should know that Psychiatric medicine can be stopped only with the help of a qualified medical doctor.

Today qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Doctors also help to stop psychiatric medicine provided you commit to a systematic plan that includes lifestyle changes

Before you initiate any action in this regard it is important to understand why you are in this situation.

Maybe like many, you would have thought that medicines would cure and I can continue with my old methods of thinking, and habit patterns

The search for the best psychiatrist in the city or town happens with a desire to get challenges resolved quickly and get back to normalcy. By normalcy I mean to get back to the old lifestyle with the daily routine. 

To cure without psychiatric medicines needs a totally different type of approach from both patients and caretakers. 

Now we come to the most  important question: 

Turning away from Life!

It is time to return back to a Lively life 
with vibrant Mental health 

The origin of Psychiatric Problems! 
While what happened so far may not be fully your fault, you can transform your life positively from now on, for sure!

You will understand why I say this if you spend a minute understanding the origin of psychological challenges.

Nearly all psychiatric problems begin with the inability to handle one's thoughts and emotions.

We have been taught about everything around us but the opportunity to learn about how our mind works has been very less. This is the primary cause

When the right actions are not taken at the right time, the unhealthy thoughts and emotions become recurrent creating new inner chemistry and neurological infrastructure that may not be healthy. What began in the mind has already seeped into the body.

Mental health issues are thus not necessarily mental. They include the body also.

Hence the recovery process should include the body and the mind.

The mind should be trained to organize thoughts instantly, with a healthy new framework. This will bring more clarity and highly accurate perception.

The body should be trained to produce neurotransmitters and hormones optimally in appropriate quantity and quality that can keep the nervous and hormonal system healthy, natually.

When you can systematically get yourself trained to make the above too happen, transformation happens naturally.