Will Online Yoga Classes be Effective?

Is Online Yoga Helpful?
Disadvantages of Online Yoga Classes
Yoga in person Vs Online
How do online Yoga Classes Work?
What are the 5 Benefits of Yoga?

Online Yoga                  Inperson Yoga

Brings in more regularity and Discipline in Practice. The more regular your practice is, the more will be benefits of Yoga Practice

The quality of focus and application is better as distractive activities are involved. You can create your own personal space at home

Saves Time. You carry the class where ever you go. The relationship with the teacher is consistent and long-term.

More of a direct community building happens. You can meet more students with similar interests.

You take a break from your routine space at home. You may feel psychologically better. You can have an in-yoga-studio experience

Personal Connect with the teacher is perceived to be better in a direct class as there is direct human face to face interaction

Online Yoga can bring about 'Regular Right Guided Yoga Practice'

Many yoga practitioners attribute the quantum jump in the quality of their life to Yoga Online, as Online Yoga Classes helped them streamline and develop a more regular daily routine and disciplined practice. 

There is documented scientific and medical evidence that regular right Yoga Practice increases muscle strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and respiratory health; develops mental and neurological strength to recover from compulsive habits, addiction; reduces stress - anxiety, and pain in chronic painful conditions.

Online Yoga can bring regularity to your personal practice irrespective of your travel schedule and time constraints. The more regular and more disciplined your practice the more consistently you move towards experiencing the benefits of Yoga practice. 

Regular Yoga Practice can bring more harmony and intimacy in relationships, facilitate spontaneous right decision making, bring in more efficiency at work which helps you succeed with lesser efforts. 

Quality and efficiency at work increase and the quality of time with family also increase.

Yoga Online

Online Yoga Benefits - Summary

The following are the many other benefits shared by online yoga students 

Opportunity to create one's own personal energy space at home, 

Higher quality of focus in practice.

It Saves Time. Time to travel to classes is avoided. A minimum of 30-40 Hours of time-saving per month.

You can stay connected with one teacher consistently over a long period wherever you are in the globe.

You can advance faster in your Yoga practice.

Disadvantages of Online Yoga Class - What Online Yoga may not offer?

A direct in-person yoga class helps in community building. You get to meet students and aspirants with similar mindsets. This may not be possible in an online class. You get back to your schedule quickly after the class. Having said that there are many Yoga Schools that offer exclusive community-building sessions to bring inclusivity to the members of the group.

Yoga in person Vs Yoga Online

A daily break from the routine space is one of the common reasons why people choose yoga or other fitness programs. A Yoga studio can offer this benefit. Students can take a break from their routine spaces.

Personal interaction with the teacher is another perceived benefit in an in-person Yoga Class. Given that students and aspirants are used to interacting over digital media more often now than before this benefit would also be derived from an online yoga setting.

Is Online Yoga beneficial in bringing the necessary focus into the practice of Yoga?

Contrary to what is believed, Online Yoga Classes enhance the quality of Focus in Yoga Practice.

The need to get back home, prepare and go to the office; questions related to what happens at home, etc are the common thoughts that make one hurry up with yoga practice. While the same can happen even when one practice at home, the intensity of the distracting thoughts are lesser in an online yoga class.

As a student, there are no other distractive activities in an online yoga class. You do not look at others. Others do not look at you as in a direct class. The focus is on you and no one else. The internal comparison with others is significantly reduced. You are clear about the next one hour. You are clear about what you need to do. When you reaffirm this and start your practice, the quality of focus gets enhanced naturally. When you choose to learn Yoga online, you can increase the quality of focus in your practice.

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Recharge Yourself anytime by Creating a Personal Space 

Online yoga classes help you create a unique resonating space in your own home. Yoga is a type of internal consecration. With active practice, you create energetic spaces within you and outside you.

Yoga Online - Creation of Personal Spaces

Yoga in the same space where you spend most of your time improves the fundamental quality of presence in that space. Over a period of time, the room in which you do Yoga can have a totally different presence and feel which brings out a positive change in everyone who comes to the room. The intensity of this quality takes time to build depending on the regularity and focus one is able to develop during the practice.

Your living room or bedroom can become a place to recharge yourself, anytime.

The more you train your mind to the here and now, as you observe your body in movement as a function of your breath the intensity of focus and concentration brings about an energetic change within and outside of you. When you keep doing this regularly for a specific period of time in the same place, the room in which you do yoga acquires a different quality. 

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Know More about Online Yoga Offering

Guided Yoga

Guided Yoga practice, becomes a valuable tool to still the mind, draw focus back to the point or area of focus. Yoga becomes a mechanical process when there is no focus. 

Yoga Online offers Guided Yoga Practice, anyplace you are from

When I suggest yoga for clients who would like to overcome repeated failures, lack of confidence, stress, depression, anxiety, lifestyle diseases, most reply that they have been doing yoga for quite some time. 

While many students of Yoga claim to do yoga on their own, very few can bring about the transformation they aspire for. If they have been doing yoga then the problem would not be as complicated as it seems to be. 

Today we have documented evidence to show that proper regular Yoga practice brings back life into a severely compromised spine, increases reproductive health, reverses diseases like diabetes, improves memory, increases neurological health, and so on. 

Symptom reduction in patients with severe psychological challenges like OCD, Schizophrenia is also documented.

For aspirants of Yoga who choose Yoga for more success, happiness, and health with a better quality of life; for those who have less severe symptoms and complications of the disease Online Yoga can help by offering Yoga practice with the right guidance, the improves focus and discipline; thus bringing out deeper transformation.

Learn Yoga Online Save Time

Online Yoga can save an average of around 30-40 hours of time in a month. The travel time, preparation time, setting up time, time spent on ritualistic exchanges, time to get back to focus valuable savings. 

'Festive Season, Family Functions, Holiday, Weekends' are the most common reasons to avoid or give a break Yoga or other mindfulness programs, as a novice.

Not only Yoga; most fitness and personal development programs are the first ones that get chopped off from the essential activities list. Festivals, Birthdays, Holidays...the list goes on. Especially when one has just started off or when one is yet to fully integrate the effects of practice or when one is a novice to Yoga or other mindfulness programs, this is very common.

'Yoga classes near me", "Online yoga classes near me",  are the most popular search terms on google. 

One wants to save time. 

Yet, one should be alive to the fact that extremely successful people hire the best trainers from distant places or travel to get trained from the best Yoga teachers and personal development coaches.

Choosing a yoga center by considering how close the center is to one's place can solve the practical challenge of time constraints.

 Yet, given the subtlety and transformative capability of Yoga, many other important factors are to be considered in choosing guidance for Yoga Practice. 

With Online Yoga classes the time constraint is partly removed, and the distance constraint is completely removed. A yoga class can come to your living room.

Should I choose an Online Yoga Class?

To summarize, in the current context the benefits online yoga classes offer are much more than the disadvantages. If one has clear discipline to stick to decisions, enough time to travel to a studio with a trained teacher daily, consistently then direct yoga classes may help. 

Online Yoga Classes offer benefits in terms of higher physical - Psychological - Financial - Career benefits as students are more regular. Moreover, the guidance for practice is consistent. The practice of Yoga can be made more interesting with modifications and variations. With regular practice, one can advance in his or her practice of Yoga.