How to increase immunity?

What is Immunity? Will daily practice of Yoga Increase Immunity? What is Immunity Booster Food? How to Increase Immunity? How to Boost Immunity?

What is Immunity?

Immunity is the ability of the body to protect itself from infections and other diseases. Infections come in form of Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, and Other toxins made by Microbes.

parts of Immune System 

What is the immunity system?

Immune System

The immune system is made of cells that make special proteins called antibodies. These cells are located in the bones, intestines, spleen, appendix, blood vessels, lymphatic system, nasal passages. When these organs and parts are energized and kept healthy we can increase the immunity of the body, Naturally. 

Yoga offers powerful easy methods to keep this immune system active, energized, and healthy. This is one reason why Regular Practice of Yoga can increase immunity and protect you from infectious diseases.

When it comes to immunity building, Is there a natural & better way to boost immunity and stay protected?

Please ask yourself and reflect

Do you know that chronic stress also reduces immunity: Chronic stress can lead to stress-related autoimmune diseases.

Yoga reduces and effects of stress on the system. Yoga reduces the impairment of cellular immunity and also reduces the autonomic response to stress. The link to a research article is here.

Stress Management is about overcoming unconscious stress that builds up in the body

The first level of stress manifestation could be experienced as

Low energy, Fatigue, Reduced interest & motivation in Job and relationships

Disturbed - Poor sleep patterns, waking up early, sluggishness

Compulsive habits - overworking, substance use, overeating, loneliness

Constipation - poor bowel movement is an indication that stress is building up, within

For women - irregular periods, menstrual problems can be a stress indicator

Appetite - lack of appetite, excessive hunger, binge eating 

Stress manifests silently

Stress Management is more about eliminating unconscious stress

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Do you know? A healthy Immune System is not just protection from infections and fighting infection. A healthy Immune system is important to prevent and halt the progress of autoimmune diseases. Healthy immune to vital to stay protected from the effects of Chronic Stress, Anxiety, and Diseases like Diabetes. 

Manage Stress

Unmanaged stress is a vicious cycle. One complication leads to the other. Then it becomes a self-perpetuating loop

Effect of Stress on the body

Health - Rapid heart rate, Blood pressure, Diabetes, high-stress hormones, inflammatory diseases like Arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, etc.

Immunity - Stress reduces immunity. More susceptible to infections, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Atrophic Gastritis, Diabetes, Inflammatory bowel diseases

Stress leads to  High cortisol levels lead to a lack of libido or sexual drive. Infertility, Erectile dysfunction (ED), lack of intimacy, and poor relationships have their roots in Stress. 

Impact of Yoga on the Immune system

the most effective yoga to affect the immune system is a combination of yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation, within intensity and duration minimum to practice is every day in 4 weeks. Those 15 literature had explained that yoga give an effect to increase immune system. Yoga increased the amount of antibodies that are IgA, salivary cortisol, SOD, leukocyte, eosinophils, monocytes, CD56 and stimulates inflammatory response namely, IL-1β, IL-10, IL-6, CRP, EC-SOD, NF-κB and IRF, glucocorticoid receptor, cAMP, and sTNF-RI - A research Gate Publication. Click here to read the full article

How to Increase Immunity!

Yoga is one process when done regularly can offer protection from infections and diseases.

You may be aware of the numerous scientific studies that prove that immunity increases with regular proper yoga practice; even if one gets infection recovery rate is better and post-recovery complications are lesser.

Yoga is the proven tool to increase immunity

How to increase Immunity!

What is Auto-Immune Disease?

When the immune system of the body releases chemicals to kill or damage healthy cells of the body then it is an auto-immune disease. 

Auto-Immune Disease Causes:

The Precise cause is unknown. As per an article in Cleveland clinic the some of the causes could be certain medications that are used to lower blood pressure like statins, antibiotics, Genetic causes, smoking, toxins, infections, obesity, and being female. 78% of autoimmune diseases are women. You can click this link to access the full article.

Auto-Immune Diseases

Auto-Immune Disease list

Some common autoimmune diseases are 

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia

Psoriatic Arthritis

Ulcerative Colitis


Diabetes Type 1

Vasculitis, Nerve Damage

Click this link to read the article that gives the full list

The good news  

Yoga is effective in reducing symptoms related to Rheumatoid arthritis

How to prevent autoimmune disease?

There is no guaranteed way to prevent autoimmune disease.

Having said that, there are many research articles that show that regular Yoga practice, proper diet, healthy lifestyle, reducing stress anxiety, increasing mindfulness, etc can prevent the onset of auto immune disease. With life expectancy increasing if one chooses to live a long and healthy life, Yoga should be a part of the daily regimen, like brushing your teeth and having a regular bath.

Especially for Rheumatoid Arthritis, the Evidence is strong. There is a reduction in disease symptoms (tender/swollen joints, pain) and disability, as well as improved self-efficacy and mental health Proper Yoga reduces pain and discomfort in Rheumatoid arthritis. Yoga also improves movement and flexibility. The link to an international study is here. Please click for more information.

What is the difference between innate immunity and acquired immunity?

What body organs are involved in immunity?

Many cells and organs in the body are involved in building immunity. Cells in Adenoids, Lymphatic system, bone marrow. spleen, tonsils, etc help to build immunity. These are located on or near the nasal passages, respiratory tract, Blood vessels, throats bones, abdomen - pelvic area, When one regularly practices conscious breathing with movement these cells are activated, rejuvenated, and strengthened.

What is innate immunity?

 The skin, respiratory tract, Urinary tract, Gastrointestinal tract, Cornea of the eyes act as physical barriers to any invasion. When the immune system is weak these get affected and one gets infectious diseases related. Eye infections, GI infections are some examples

What is acquired immunity?

With the help of the organs that create innate immunity, the body creates special proteins called antibodies (developed by B Lymphocytes). The cells that create these are located in Adenoids, Tonsils (nasal passages), the Lymphatic system ( near blood vessels), bone marrow (inside bones). spleen (abdomen area) etc helps to build immunity. When you regularly practice conscious breathing with movement these cells are activated, rejuvenated, and strengthened.

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