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How will Regular Meditation Help?  

What exactly is training the mind?

Meditation is training the mind and yourself to organize your thoughts and think in a way that will lead to life enhancement and progression.

That 'You are not the mind is true'. Yet, today I know who I am only through certain faculties of the mind; the memory, past experiences, past decisions i have made about myself and others. I perceive the present through these filters.

Meditation and Yogic practices are practices that will train to perceive, think and act differently; perceive, think, and act more in alignment with nature. I, then become more free and expansive. Life beings to happen more the way I want it.

Meditate with Meditation Lessons of Ancient Mystics

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Learn the Secret Teachings of the mystical masters - One Day at a Time

Meditate on the learning - reflective processes at leisure

Integrate the teachings and access deeper intelligence within

Live Guided Meditation Lessons to Support your Practice once a fortnight

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'You cannot meditate. You can only slip into meditation' 


The more you try to meditate mediation will not happen.

You close your eyes and for many, it is thoughts, thoughts, and thoughts

For some urgent work or planning comes up and some become unconscious

Mediation is a state of Choiceless Conscious awareness

Meditation means you are awake, still - unmoving

Still Body - Still Mind - Still Energies

In stillness, secrets surface.

Secrets that you cannot get by seeking show up, when you are still

For meditation to happen mind has to become still

When the mind becomes still, Deeper Intelligence surfaces

All the we can do is to create an environment for the mind to be still

The unconscious mind becomes still when it is prepared.

The mystical lessons from our ancient mystics have the power to communicate deeply.

The Lessons would be delivered daily, One day at a time. 

When you can focus on an object for 9 seconds you can enter the state of Dhyana. When you can be in Dhyana for 144 seconds or so then you slip into the next level. Complete dissolution of the ‘I’ factor happens when the triggers in the mind and body are silenced'

Online Meditation course - Benefits

1.       Readings and Reflections of the masters talk to your unconscious mind directly, and the fables will help the conscious mind assimilate. They are basically five-to-ten-minute reads

2.       You can integrate lessons from the ancient teachings when you meditate on the context of the teachings.

3.       You can meditate with the Guided video lessons, delivered once a fortnight.

Regular Meditation Practice Can increase Connections in Brain at Any Age. This means that whatever be your age, you can increase your memory, intelligence, concentration, clarity, and Focus. This also means that you can prevent, heal and keep your brain and neurons healthy at any age. Regular Meditation Practice can prevent aging-related degenerative diseases of the brain and immune system 


Today there is a lot of evidence from NeuroScience and Neuroplasticity to show that regular meditation practice reduces unconscious stress, anxiety, fear, and depression patterns. Regular meditation practice increases emotional balance and stability.

While in past it was assumed that neuronal connections and reformation do not happen after the age of 12, today neuroscience and neuroplastic studies have proven that regular yoga and meditation can increase neuronal connections at any age.

Brains are primarily made of Neurons. More active the number of neurons the better. The more connections between neurons the better are the intelligence, cognitive capacity, memory, thinking, creativity, etc.

Very few know that, though more neuro-degenerative diseases are diagnosed late after the age of 50 or so, the degeneration begins at least 20-25 years before it becomes a symptom. This means that the degeneration can begin from as early as 35-40 years old also.  The most common reason for dementia and other diseases are aging and lifestyle. (Mayo Clinic): given the current stress levels and work schedule regular mediation can help you prevent the onset.


Online Meditation

Access Deeper Levels of Consciousness with the One Year Online Meditation Course

Online Meditation Classes

Dear Friend, 

Meditation and Mysticism go together. Mysticism happens when meditation happens with a sense of conscious abandon. Magic happens when one can consciously let go of the known. Merging into newer dimensions is possible when the mind and body fall consciously silent. Regular meditation helps one to connect with the deeper all-knowing non-asserting spontaneity which opens the door to newer vistas in the journey of what one calls life.

Meditation teaches every practitioner to learn how to be successful, happy, joyful, and abundant with simple silent practices. Teaching and learning happen so unconsciously that many give up the practices soon. Many expect some new intelligence to be inserted into them from outside.

 Unlike usually assumed, intelligence does not come from anything outside. All that is needed is already inside each of us. All each needs to do is to remain silent for the deeper intelligence to flower. This being silent is what the logical mind rarely accepts. Meditation thus should be done with a sense of abandon, regularly. This makes meditation challenging. Online Meditation Classes with lessons from the Ancient mystics offer an opportunity to engage both the conscious and unconscious. 

Regular Meditation is like a recurring deposit. Benefits of Meditation accrue progressively in form of more internal calmness, reduction of stress levels, clarity, a deep sense of security, and emotional balance which form the foundation for unconditional Joy and Success in life. 

My endeavor is to facilitate the integration of complex ideas which may seem to be philosophical; weave them into every moment of your life. The inner quest for excellence and transformation will lever end till you know the ultimate Truth about yourself, existence, and your role in existence.

The lessons delivered one day at a time, are condensed versions of reflections had with students and participants in our group workshops.  I invite you to the journey of self-discovery with me.


Online Meditation 

INR 450/YR   (Regular Price 1200/Year)

There are many Reasons for Entrepreneurs to meditate Regularly in The Entrepreneur magazine.

Regular meditation boosts creativity

Mediation settles your mind, improves mood, and brings out clarity and focus.

You can do it anytime anywhere. You can do it at your desk

Jeff Weiner, Ratan Tata, and most of the top CEOs swear by regular Meditation Practice. They have the time, do you have. "Nothing opened my eyes like meditation - Hugh Jackman"

Whatever be your challenge, One Online Meditation Course

Regular Meditative practice will help you learn how to overcome anxiety, stress, and fears. Whatever be the stage in life, there is always a scope for enhancing the quality of life. Regular Meditation Practice will help you create a stable - pleasant internal state; a state that will help in your personal and professional life

You can meditate with ease when you can tie your unconscious and conscious mind to an idea or object, continuously without any distraction. Subscribe to Vairaagya ' Daily Online Meditations'  

Online Meditation

365 lessons, reflections, and contexts of the Ancient masters - one day at a time for one year

36 Progressively guided video lessons over a period of one year

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all @ INR 450/year (Regular Price INR 1200/Year)

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Meditate Regularly with Guidance and Ease

From Anywhere - Everywhere

Online Meditation Group

We have online group meditation sessions every 1st and 3rd Sunday. The focus would be to experience the power of Group mediation and also deepen the levels of meditation by invoking Chants.  When you subscribe to the one-year Online Meditation Program, you can attend these sessions and deepen your practice.


Inner Alignment

Reflections that align the unconscious and conscious; inner voices alignment - one voice

Energy Mastery

Create and Hold high energy within your system; avoid unnecessary unconscious dissipation 

Thought Mastery

Generate thoughts after reflection as you need, rather get entangled in thoughts that just arise


Unconscious competency to apply ancient wisdom in everyday life today.

Emotional Resilience

Emotional stability and protection in situations that can create emotional imbalance

Clarity and Focus

A Still mind sees what is without being unreasonably perturbed in challenging situations

One cannot Meditate - One can Consciously Slip into Meditation

Consciously prepare an inner state with regular guided practice through email 

Online Meditations delivered Daily by mail 

A new meditative reflection, parable, context from the Ancients delivered daily by mail for one year. 36 Video guided progressive meditative practice every ten days. over a period of one year. @ 450/year 


Meditation Course

E-mail Meditation Lessons from the Ancient Masters who knew to still the mind at will

@  INR 450/ Year 

abhyaasa vairaagyaabhyaam tannirodahah

Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali

Sustained right practice of dispassion creates a still mind: A mind that has the potential to create what is wants to

Begin with Morning Meditations

Daily - Progressive meditations   Delivered to your mailbox 

Vairaagya - One quality that will bring about a world of difference to create the life of your choice.

Online Meditation

Meditate at Ease. Lessons delivered by email daily for one year.  Access inner stillness from the comfort of your handset. 

You can Meditate and Access Your Inner Stillness 'whenever- wherever' Meditation lessons delivered to your mailbox daily

மனதை ஒருங்கிணைக்கும்  வைராக்கிய தியானங்கள்  தமிழிலும் பெறலாம் 

தியான பாடங்கள் தினமும் உங்கள் மின்னஞ்சலுக்கு அனுப்பப்படும்வருட சந்தா ருபாய் 450/-  


E-Mail Meditation Course

Meditation Lessons from the Ancient Masters Who Stilled their mind at will

@ Rs 450/Year

Integrate Essence of Vedanta - Upanishads - Tao with Daily meditation lessons - by E-mail 

Available in Two Languages - English & Tamil

The Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali

Spiritual Progress 

With Progressive Practices

Integrate Ancient Wisdom 

Morning Meditations from Vairaagya

Meditations reflections


A sample of one of the Lessons you will get by Mail

Colors blind the eye - Sounds deafen the ears.

Eyes blind your vision and ears thus may not help you her the right information – The Tao.

I see a leaf. What thoughts come to me immediately? Do I act on the leaf as my eyes see it or as per the meaning I have made out of it?

I see a person who I like. What emotions get triggered inside me?

Do I react to him as he or she now in front of me or do I act as per the emotions and thoughts that have got triggered in me?

To see is to see the information without any past image interfering with the present. To see I need an eye and inner eye that can just see devoid of the past.

To hear is to hear just the words that are told to me and make meaning. When the meaning from the past interferes, with the present then am I hearing it right or seeing it right.

To see what is and to hear what is needs a deep sense of grounding and great energy.

The practice of the above can lead one to be a Vairaagi. The one that is not influenced by the emotions and thoughts that are not related to the current. The one who has a mastery over one’s own emotions and thoughts. Simple daily practices can help you develop this powerful quality.

You may try this exercise with an image of a person.

Where are the thoughts and emotions coming from?

How much of these emotions influence my interaction with this person?

Who are the people in my life and what are the situations in my life where these emotions and thoughts get triggered?

How will my life be if I can choose to keep or do away with these emotions and thoughts?

When these emotions and thoughts are there in me, what power do I have to be as I am when I interact with this person?

Do I remember what this person told me in my interactions with him?

 How much of this interference is influencing my life now?

How free will I be when I keep myself away from these inner voices and images?

To see is to see the information without any past image interfering with the present. To see I need an eye and inner eye that can just see devoid of the past.

To hear is to hear just the words that are told to me and make meaning. When the meaning from the past interferes,

Can you spend five minutes today both morning and evening meditating on the above aspect.

Choose a calm place where you would not be disturbed for around ten minutes. Choose an image or an object and place that in front of you. Bring yourself fully into space with two or three relaxed breaths. Observe what thoughts that come up as you see the image or the object; and see if you can see the photo or the object devoid of the thoughts and emotions that come up. Grounded just on your breath just be with an image or the object for a period of three-five minutes.


Courses - Curated and Facilitated By


25 years of experience in facilitating transformation in groups and Individuals

Held Leadership Roles in Global Organisations - GE, Edwards, Sanofi...

MS - Yogic Sciences

MS - Psychology

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Probably one of the Best Online Meditation Course 

What could make Vairaagya, Probably the Best Online Meditation Course for you?

Ancient secrets for a healthy, abundant life have been held secrets. Some invisible energy forms and some in form of texts with reflections layered one over the other; layered that only deeper states of mind can access the reality behind the teaching. 

I did not attempt to decode them for you. I have limited my reflections just to help you get in touch with deeper aspects. The rest depends on your practice. The meditation exercises given as part of the email and the guided video lessons will help with regular practice. 

One other benefit is that the course is delivered daily - keeps reminding you daily. 

The live group sessions will help you stay connected with the process of transformation. This program has been developed exclusively to meet the needs of today's contextual challenges and deepen the practice by increasing regularity.

The focus is thus on the depth – regularity, and integration with daily life.

Online Meditation, Art of Living

A time comes when one realizes that living consciously is the way to live. When one strives to learn the art, regular meditation with breathwork is a way of training the mind to follow the breath.

It is from Prana, breath came up. From Breath sprung the mind and from the mind the body. The more one is away from this natural course of existence more is the more pain and discomfort; the more the pain and discomfort more are one away from the Art of Living. Regular meditation connects one back to life unconsciously and in a way, one re-discover the Art of Living with Online Meditation.

Practice wherever - whenever -with whatever you do

Vairaagya -  Practice The way of  ancient wisdom  

Integrative Practices that blends with your daily schedule

Why Regular meditations?

Conscious moments in life are 'live moments of life'. They are moments when we truly live. Created conscious moments at ease

Create Conscious Moments - wherever - whenever 

Conscious moments are moments of life. Start the day consciously daily with meditations from the masters who have made consciousness their way of life. By regular reflections, you allow more of the masters to live and guide your life unconsciously. Being with one day at a time. You will suddenly find that you have made it one moment at a time

Online Meditation

I invite you to join the Vairaagya Online meditation program now

The following is the summary of benefits

Just 450/- Per year

Email Meditations delivered daily to your inbox

Guided Video Meditations every Fortnight

Yearly access to the live Online Mystical Meditation (First and the Third Sunday)

vairaagya       online meditation

Meditation Lessons Online - Lessons of the Ancient Masters


Regular Meditation Practice increase Alpha Brain wave patterns in the Brain

The routine wave pattern of the brain during waking hours is Beta Wave Pattern. When there is an emotional imbalance, demanding work and home environment beta waves are dominant. When stressful states become a routine beta wave dominance becomes the functional wave pattern in the brain. Anxiety, Stress, fears, and excessive work with fewer results, the emotional imbalance becomes routine.

It has been scientifically proved that regular meditation practice increases Alpha Wave State in the Brain and the mind. This makes the unconscious mind more calmer and relaxed. A relaxed brain is more healthy and alert. Hence Alpha brain state is most preferred by successful people. With regular Meditation Practice, you can learn the art of creating Alpha mind states easily..