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Psychotherapy - Psychological Counselling

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Couples, Pre-marital Counseling, Adolescent Counseling, Behavior Modification Programs, Integrated Natural Approach to Anxiety - Depression - Bipolar Disorder - OCD - Schizophrenia and related Psychological Conditions

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MS Psychology, Diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy, MS Yogic Sciences

Dr. Deviga

Doctorate in Psychology, Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy - Psychological Counselling

Psychotherapy and Psychological Counselling are processes intended to empower clients and students to come out of the challenges they experience. While a psychiatrist administers medicines based on certain findings, Psychotherapists and Counselling Psychologists help patients and clients identify - Maybe Relive - Release - Reflect - Enhance quality of lives. Certified Psychotherapists integrate processes with natural treatment options like naturopathy, Yoga therapy etc to bring about a holistic cure. No allopathic medicines are prescribed.

Integrated Psychotherapy - An Introduction