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If you spend two to three minutes you may get some clarity on the basic questions related to psychotherapy.

 What is Psychotherapy and what is not psychotherapy?

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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is an active process that facilitates transformation to enhance the quality of life.

Psychotherapy is a self-empowerment process, where you learn to take charge of your life and create your own destiny.

The basis of psychotherapy is that you are creating your life every moment including the current moment; you unconsciously decide the quantum of happiness or unhappiness you want to have; you influence the quantum of success or failure you experience in your projects; relationships; health of your body is all your making. But you are creating it unconsciously.

Psychotherapy is a tool to understand, release and reprogram yourself from these unconscious processes, 

Psychotherapy is a process of self–empowerment. It is an active process where you are consciously involved in the process of understanding how you make decisions now, how your body is responding, and what you are continuously doing unconsciously. 

We create processes to reprogram your mind and body. 

You then go out to test it, apply it in the real world and come back with experience.

We further fine-tune and modify 

By doing this continuously over a period of time, your inner decision-making process changes.


Psychotherapy can help you overcome issues related to 

Stress, Anxiety, Phobia, Fear and other Dysfunctional Emotional issues

Relationship Challenges with partners, spouse, children, colleagues

Lack of Joy and Happiness in life

Negative thinking, Lack of Confidence, Low Self esteem,

Relief from Past Trauma, childhood trauma. abuse 

Excessive involvement in social media and digital world

Marital and Pre- Marital challenges

What is not Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is not a process where you will be passively sitting and sharing; waiting for the therapist or counsellor to change you.

Psychotherapy is not a pill, that you can swallow; and then continue to live life the way you lived in the past. The hard truth is that the way you have lived life in the past has lead to the current challenge. 

So transformation happens when one is ready to make changes, alteration consciously to enhance life quality.

When one approaches psychotherapy from this lens, magic can happen

Psychotherapy is a not process to brainwash you without your knowledge.

Psychotherapy is not where you will get advice from the therapist on how to lead your life. Pieces of Advice do not work. Everyone knows what is to be done and what is the right thing to be done. Yet they do something different expecting success. That is the problem. Psychotherapy can then be viewed as a process to understand and release yourself from the patterns; that keep you doing something continously, that you do not want to do. 



I am Sarvanan. I have been facilitating change in individuals and groups since 2010 in personal and professional settings. I have a post-graduate degree in Psychology. Other certifications are listed below.

As mentioned earlier my goal and endeavor are to facilitate you to overcome challenges and succeed in life.

I understand that challenges differ from one person to the other. Challenges also vary within an individual.

From group sessions to individual sessions to transformation courses to mind-body energy processes -Whatever be the stage of life you are in, whatever be your budget and time you are willing to allocate for your growth and transformation, I have a solution for you.

Please call me for more details. We can fix a time and discuss your need.

Integrated Psychotherapy

A safe confidential space 

 Express, Share, Locate - Isolate - Heal, Reflect 

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Psychotherapy - Psychological Counselling

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Couples, Pre-marital Counseling, Adolescent Counseling, Behavior Modification Programs, Integrated Natural Approach to Anxiety - Depression - Bipolar Disorder - OCD - Schizophrenia and related Psychological Conditions

The Science of Integrated Psychotherapy

Mind is the interface between the body and energy.

The brain, neurology, and hormonal secretions belong to the body.

Energy is closely associated with the breath.

In the mind, we have the memory of all the events that happened in the past stored as full experiences.

Ever since you were born, since infancy, every time you have an experience, you generate an emotion, which triggers a thinking process that strategizes to gain pleasure and avoiding pain. 

As an infant, you took decisions and opinions about the world, the people around you, and how you were treated using emotions. You also learned how your parents and elders experienced their lives. By accumulating information from all these sources you have formed a core belief and decision-making system. that is primarily rooted in instincts and emotions.

This system is active even now. This means that unconsciously you are dealing with the life events that are happening now based on your past and the decisions you made about the world using just emotions.

Since the decisions are a part of you or in other words, you are the decision, you do not even know that you are creating your present and future based on your deep inner belief systems. While consciously you may want a happy productive life, internally the need could be something else.

Thus all you have done in the past and all that you do now is to increase happiness and success in life. Yet, this is not happening. Your actions, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, etc have become compulsive and automatic that life seems to be happening beyond your control. Integrated Psychotherapy is bringing back control over your body, mind, and behavior.

For example, you may want to have healthy food, but you still eat junk overeat

You may not want to get angry, but you keep suppressing the anger and burst out suddenly.

You may want to focus, work, and change your life, but you may still be wasting lot of time and fee guilty at the end of the day. You may be spending a lot of time working, but unproductively.

Thus, the basis of psychotherapy is that you are creating your life every moment; including the quantum of happiness or unhappiness you have; the quantum of success or failure you experience in your projects; relationships; the health of your body is all your making. But you are creating it unconsciously.

Integrated Psychotherapy is a tool to create your life consciously.

The Team


MS Psychology, Diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy, MS Yogic Sciences, Hypnotherapy, Certified Psychodrama Practitioner,

Dr. Deviga

Doctorate in Psychology, Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy - Psychological Counselling

Psychotherapy and Psychological Counselling are processes intended to empower clients and students to come out of the challenges they experience. While a psychiatrist administers medicines based on certain findings, Psychotherapists and Counselling Psychologists help patients and clients identify - Maybe Relive - Release - Reflect - Enhance quality of lives. Certified Psychotherapists integrate processes with natural treatment options like naturopathy, Yoga therapy etc to bring about a holistic cure. No allopathic medicines are prescribed.

Integrated Psychotherapy - An Introduction