IF you are OPEN TO explore newer dimensions of life, success, happiness....

Holistic Life Coaching 

Learn to re-design your life consciously, right from the first session

Enhance your life in ways you have never comprehended!

'Practices to become the complete person you have always wanted to be'

Integrate productive lifestyle habits that enhance the quality of your life

Learn to create a neural infrastructure that can create and hold the energy to create positive change: unconsciously, and consciously.

  • More financial freedom
  • Healthy relationships in professional and personal life.
  • More control over your emotions, energy, thinking process
  • Tools to redesign subconscious belief systems.
  • More freedom from compulsive and reactionary response 
  • Release from entanglements and toxic emotions - Freedom to be you

Holistic Coaching can facilitate transformation in all aspects of your being: be the person you have always wanted to be.




Holistic Coaching is about becoming Rich, Happy, and Wholesome

Reflective practices to effectively organize your thoughts

Personalized Body and Movement work to create a happy, dynamic internal state


Coaching that includes all aspects of your being "Mind-Body-Energy"

Frameworks from ancient coaching principles embedded in 'Vedic and Yogic sciences'

Integrative approach with progressive course plans to integrate and deepen learning in daily life 

6 coaching sessions & 6 sessions, exclusive for somatic and movement work; more than 21 contact hours over a period of 3 months.

Investment INR 82600/- Inclusive of taxes. 

How is this coaching different from other coaching services offered?

Why somatic processes are included in coaching?

Why do we need reflective daily practices?

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Life Coaching with Transpersonal Psychology?

'Mind-Body-Energy' complex functions as one integrated whole. 

Have you wondered why is it difficult to change a habit to change to a healthy diet even though you deeply want to change?

When it is difficult to change simple controllable habits like these imagine how difficult can it be to change thinking processes, which are beyond conscious control: with just reflective thinking and goal setting?

The conscious and a part of the conscious mind is what is involved in resolutions like these. Unless the deeper unconscious mind is involved in the process change cannot be sustained. 

Transpersonal learning has scientific processes and practices that work with the unconscious mind to dissolve unconscious resistance. The unconscious mind cannot be accessed by routine reflective coaching processes. 

What more! - the processes can be personalized to meet your individual needs.

Transpersonal learning based coaching offers you an opportunity to live life, the way you have always wanted to live by dissolving inner resistance to change by working at the three layers - 'conscious - subconscious - unconscious' - more about mind-body-energy process

Holistic Life Coaching offers practice tools to enhance emotional quotient.

Emotional Intelligence is the key to success in all areas of life.

Emotional Intelligence is an ability to know, manage and lead yourself precisely through emotions that surface at any given moment,

Emotions indicate the change in the state of mind at any given moment

Emotional Intelligence is thus neither suppressing nor expressing emotions. EI is experienced as precise goal-oriented action where one moves from one moment to the next without residual emotions from the previous moment. Thus Emotional Intelligence being completely new to engage with all aspects of life, appropriately moment to moment.

Learning Emotional Intelligence is experiential learning of a different kind that goes beyond reflective practices of routine coaching

One cannot think cognitively and become emotionally intelligent as internal emotional shifts happen in microseconds.

Holistic Life coaching works with mind, body, and energy and creates an unconscious nervous infrastructure to facilitates mastery over energy and then emotions.

Transpersonal Learning is a scientific process that integrates reflective coaching principles that seamlessly weave into somatic and energy work.

'If you use your mind to study reality, you won't understand either your mind or reality. 

if you study reality without using the mind, you will understand both' - BODHIDHARMA

How is Holistic Life Coaching different?

Goes beyond reflective questions, feedback, goal setting, and developing and implementing plans

Includes all aspects of your being to bring out wholesome sustainable change.

Help you develop progressive practice Tools derived from Ancient yogic and Vedic principles help to deal more effectively with emotions without actually dwelling deep into it. Hence the process is not therapy. 

Helps you change in areas that normal coaching shuns away - the ability to know, manage, and lead yourself through emotions safely.

Provides you a personalized daily practice plan that suits your time to bring about change.


PGCBM – XLRI, MS Psychology (India), MS Yogic Sciences 

More than two decades of experience in Diverse leadership roles in Global Organizations – Novartis, Sanofi, Edwards Life Sciences, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare

Facilitated learning and transformation in organizations and individuals - Leadership - Parenting - Emotional Wellness in Families

Seamlessly integrates psychological tools with the timeless wisdom of Ancient Indian principles for personal, professional, social, and spiritual growth. 

Certified to Teach Yoga (Govt Of India - QCI), RYT 500.. MS Yoga - Sivananda Forest Academy 

M.S Psychology - (India)

Certified to Lead Individual and Group Processes for Transformation. 

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