Breath is life

                     21 Day Online Pranayama - Meditation Program                         April 26th - May 14th, 6.00 AM - 6.45 AM Daily 

Healthy Lungs - Healthy Immune System

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Offered in Association with ISET, Foundation.

There is oxygen all around:

Is your Respiratory System ready to take it in? 

Are your Lungs healthy enough to oxygenate your body? 

Is your heart strong enough to circulate oxygen all over?

Friends If you are ready to empower yourself and keep yourself safe, protected with an enhanced vitality, Learn to enhance the health of your lungs, your natural ventilator; your heart, the natural circulator. Learn the art of connecting with the natural intelligence that is embedded in your body -

  'Protect - Heal - Enhance Vitality'

Dharmarajan, Senior Executive, BPCL

" I was practicing yoga from Mr. Saravanan for nearly two months before I was diagnosed and admitted for Covid. The yoga practice helped me even during the hospitalization period. I was able to stay confident and be with my breath during the intense moments of infection too. I was calmer. I definitely will recommend regular yoga practice in the current situation" -

Breath is Life

21 - Day Program to Enhance Lung Health, Lung Capacity, and Immunity. Program facilitated by Saravanan, IYA, Govt of India, Certified to teach Yoga for Health and Wellness

Program Begins ON April 26th Full Moon Day

6.00 AM - 6.45 AM

Daily for 21 Days till May 14th, 2021

This is a progressive guided program.

 Guided practices to systematically prepare the body and mind

Hence we request you to join us from Day 1

Breath is Life - Breath is The Source of Life

For everyone who are committed to keeping themselves safe and Protected

Learn to connect with and be with your breath. Connect with the natural intelligence of the body that can protect and Heal. Act now by registering and committing time for the program, NOW. Why now? 

Healthy Respiratory System - Healthy Lungs: PROTECTS - HEALS - SPEEDS UP RECOVERY after the infection subsides. 

Healthy Lungs boost the body's defense mechanism. Body intelligence plays the most important role in the prevention, treatment, and recovery of any disease and infection. Measures like masking, social distancing are important. Unless one keeps his or her internal environment robust and Vibrant one may not feel confident in any given situation, especially in current times.

The 21 - day program systematically works to increase the health of the respiratory system. Please register and benefit.

Indian Scientific Education and Technology Foundation

Founded By Dr. Sandeep Singh. (ISET)

Garbhaham offers Personalised and Group Yoga programs

Sarvanan, Key Facilitator

Organized in Association with ISET, Foundation ( Under the NITI AAYOG, an initiative of Govt of India.