6- Weeks Personalized Diabetic Yoga Course

Complete Holistic Consultation - Progressive Course Plan to suit your Body, Age, LifeStyle

Optional additions - Integrated Emotional Wellness Programs, Ayurvedic Treatment

Blood Sugar increase is a symptom of a deeper Dis-Ease in the body

The pancreas is just the Whistle Blower

The body is communicating that many glands and organs are not in ease and maybe even tired of coping up with the energetic and emotional imbalance caused by various factors.

Reducing Blood sugar levels alone may not be sufficient

The goal of the Integrated Diabetes Management program is three-fold

  • Reduce the Progression of disease at all levels
  • Organ Protection - Protecting vital organs
  • Enhance and Restore health-enhance abundance, richness, and quality of life - facilitate living life to the fullest. 


The cost of Diabetes in a lifetime was 6.5 Lakhs In India in 2013

With just 5% inflation the cost today would be more than 10-12 Lakhs.

The Cost of diabetes Management is becoming higher due to its impact on vital Organs - Kidney, Heart, Brain, Liver, Stomach.

The cost of managing diabetes has increased 2X times

Restore Vitality

Regular Practice - 45- 60 Minutes a day reduces blood sugar levels, increases energy

Protect Vital Organs

Increase blood flow and energy to vital organs naturally

Restore Health

Restore a normal Lifestyle. Increased concentration and participation in activities