Immunity - Confidence with Online Yoga

If you are ready to spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day every day, we can help you with a practice that increases lung health, lung capacity, a body with high immunity. 

Fear of disease impacts more than the disease itself

Online Yoga 

Fear, Anxiety, Depression in challenging times is considered normal. Yet being in a continuous state of fear, expressed - unexpressed itself brings out the ill-effects of disease. Fear, anxiety, depression cannot be avoided or handled by positive thinking alone. Similarly, one cannot think and become more immune.

Yoga Online

There are proven studies that show that regular systematic Yoga practice can increase immune health. Yoga can resist autonomic changes that cause impairment of cellular immunity. There are many published articles and most today know that Yoga can increase immune strength.

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3 Day Course @ INR 499

Class Schedule - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Time - Friday - Saturday - Sunday 9.00 - 10.00 AM

What you will learn?

30-40 minute regimen - Body: MInd: Breath: Energy work

Preparatory postures for Pranayama and Meditation

Mantra Chanting for Health and Breath

You can keep practicing the same regularly, daily after the Course ends

This Course of individuals who are generally considered to be Healthy

Personal Online Yoga Therapy

If there are certain lifestyle conditions like diabetes, Blood Pressure, Hormonal Dysfunction, Gastritis, degenerative conditions like Arthritis, etc we will advise you to choose our personalized Therapeutic Programs based on Yoga. Since each condition warrants a different approach we recommend a six-session plan over a period of one month. The total one-on-one personal contact time would be between 300-360 minutes for this program. The Fee would be INR 4950/- for the entire six-session course to be paid in advance.

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To know why it is essential to enhance immunity, especially if you have a long-term lifestyle disease please click this link.