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'The state where one is absolutely untouched by what happens around, yet fully perceptive and responsive enough to engage with appropriate action; Right action that leads to goal achievement'

Vairaagya meditations, curated from the wisdom of the Ancient Masters, who stilled their mind at will

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abhyaasa vairaagyaabhyaam tannirodahah

Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali

Sustained right practice of dispassion creates a still mind: A mind that has the potential to create what is wants to

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Daily - Progressive meditations   Delivered to your mailbox 

Vairaagya - One quality that will bring about a world of difference to create the life of your choice.

Inner Alignment

Reflections that align the unconscious and conscious; inner voices alignment - one voice

Energy Mastery

Create and Hold high energy within your system; avoid unnecessary unconscious dissipation 

Thought Mastery

Generate thoughts after reflection as you need, rather get entangled in thoughts that just arise


Unconscious competency to apply ancient wisdom in everyday life today.

Emotional Resilience

Emotional stability and protection in situations that can create emotional imbalance

Clarity and Focus

A Still mind sees what is without being unreasonably perturbed in challenging situations

Meditation happens as a result of continued focus on the wisdom of Ancient Masters - Curated to progressively open one to deeper levels of consciousness - Delivered one day at a time

The Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali

Morning Meditation - Progressive

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A glimpse (The Day 0 Meditation) 

Colors blind the eye - Sounds deafen the ears.

Eyes may blind your vision and ears may not provide the right meaning – The Tao.

I see a leaf. What thoughts does it evoke in me? Do I act on the leaf as my eyes see it or as per the meaning I have made out of it?

I see a person who I like. What emotions and thoughts get triggered inside me?

Do I react to him as he or she now in front of me or do I act as per the emotions and thoughts that have got triggered in me?

To see is to see the information without any past image interfering with the present. 

To see, I need an eye and inner eye that can just see devoid of the past.

To see what is and to hear what is needs a deep sense of grounding and great energy. Otherwise, the past hijacks me. What happens then on will be a recurrent pattern over which I may have less control.

The practice of the above can lead one to be a Vairaagi. The one that is not influenced by the emotions and thoughts that are not related to the current. The one who has mastery over one’s own emotions and thoughts. Simple daily practices can help you develop this powerful quality.

You may try this exercise with an image of a person.

Where are the thoughts and emotions coming from?

How much of these emotions influence my interaction with this person?

How will my life be if I can choose to keep or do away with these emotions and thoughts?

When these emotions and thoughts are there in me, what power do I have to be as I am when I interact with this person?

How free will I be, when I keep myself away from these inner voices and images?

To see is to see the information without any past image interfering with the present. To see I need an eye that can just see what is devoid of the past. Till then colors will blind me.

Can you spend five minutes today both morning and evening meditating on the above aspect?

Choose a calm place where you would not be disturbed for around ten minutes. Choose an image or an object and place that in front of you. Bring yourself fully into yourself with two or three relaxed breaths. Observe what thoughts that come up as you see the image or the object; and see if you can see the photo or the object devoid of the thoughts and emotions that come up. Grounded just on your breath just be with the image or the object for a period of three – five minutes.

See if you can apply this in at least two or three instances during the course of the day.



Absolute Passion for all actions that lead to your consciously conceived goal

Absolute Dispassion for any action, small or big that take you away from your goal

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Why daily meditations

Conscious moments in life are 'live moments of life'. They are moments when we truly live. When one is not conscious, one gets trapped in the mire of memories and gets divided into many conflicting selves, by primal tendencies

Create Conscious Moments - wherever - whenever 

Conscious moments are moments of life. Start the day consciously daily with meditations from the masters who have made consciousness their way of life. By regular reflections, you allow more of the masters to live and guide your life unconsciously. Being with one day at a time. You will suddenly find that you have made it one moment at a time

Leap of faith needs preparation

Structured One Day at a Time

Taking a leap has three stages of preparation

1. Preparation to Take the Leap

2. Stay on course

3. Preparation to be open to receive after, wherever you land