12 HOURS Course    

For Parents - Homemakers - Entrepreneurs-Career Professionals

Learn the Art and Science of Happiness from Ancient Vedantic Science

Whatever be your goal -  Better Health - More Financial and Material Wealth More intimate relationships - Freedom from psychological challenges like anxiety, depression and negative thoughts 

You will be guided to apply your real-life experiences, challenges, and goals and process them through the frameworks of Ancient Wisdom. The wisdom that propounds unlimited, inclusive - unconditional joy, happiness & abundance.

What you will learn?

The ability to 'be & do' what you really want to "be & do'

The art of creating a new future of your choice, irrespective of how your past has been

The art of breaking recurrent patterns of negative emotions and occurrences in your life

Learning to be emotionally vibrant and safe. 

Protecting yourself from getting entangled in toxic emotions and thought patternsT


How will the program benefit? 

More sense of security, involvement, joy, and happiness 

More close, intimate and productive relationships

Increased sense of stability, focus, and clarity

Art of succeeding with more pleasantness and happiness

Ability to create and sustain a state of 'flow' 

To move in and out of ' dynamic stillness' at will

Better Health, Better Decisions

Financial and Material success



  • Certified to Teach Yoga, RYT 500, QCI Govt of India- Level 2  
  • PGCBM – XLRI, MS Psychology (India), B.Pharm, More than two decades of experience in Diverse leadership roles in Global Organizations – Sanofi, Edwards Life Sciences, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare
  • 10 plus years of experience of in facilitating personal and professional transformation in Individuals, Groups, and Organizations
  • Seamlessly integrates psychological tools with the timeless wisdom of Ancient Indian principles for personal, professional, social, and spiritual growth.

The Curriculum from

   Ancient Wisdom - 'The Vedanta - The Samkhya- The Gita'

  • The fundamentals of 'Pratyaksha' - Right Perception; What stops use from perceiving what happens to us appropriately?
  • Impact of 'wrong perception' - The cause of recurrent patterns and toxic emotions
  • Principles of Abhyaasa - Vairaagyam ( Practice - Clarity )
  • The art of being Dispassionately passionate in life
  • The origins of Primal Fear and Pleasure - The inner striving
  • The layers (Koshas) of your being; how they interact with each other
  • Manas - the components and functions of Manas - how it influences you
  • Practices to enhance your range, scope, and depth of perception
  • The origin of recurrent negative thought patterns - Learning to free yourself and the art of not creating more patterns in your life
  • Emotional Entanglement from your real-life examples and practices to release yourself from the entanglements
  • Frameworks to redefine your goals  
  • Reflective tools to create and new future of your choice
  • Practice tools to energize the layers of your being

The integrated approach provides you with Practices – Frameworks – Video lectures 

Create the future of your choice

Succeed in an ever-dynamic environment

Create and be in "The Flow'

Maintain an inner calm, focus, clarity of purpose in challenging situations

Be ‘grounded yet responsive – Be resilient yet adapt

Break Free from negative thoughts and toxic emotional patterns

The Gita - The Vedanta - The Samkhya are neither bedtime nor are they to be read when you retire from life

They are a treasure house of frameworks and principles - to live a life of richness and abundance


Anitha - Founder, Fitness Club

“I came to know about Saravanan A K when I was experiencing relationship issues with everyone in my family. During a series of sessions, a few secrets about my childhood and Family tree were revealed. I experience freedom in my relationships now”.

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