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Nearly 25 percent of the population is obese and most experience complications of being overweight. 

Our integrated Weight Loss program will help you lose excess weight, and bring back health and vitality into your life. 

Avoid physiological and mental health complications of Obesity

Obesity is not about getting back to shape. Yes, genetic, psychological and many factors influences shape. But when talk about obesity we are talking about getting rid of the excess weight in the body.

Many people confuse obesity with body shape. Some feel bad for being out of shape. Shape is one aspect. The key aspect is the BMI. Body mass index with calculates the relationshipbetween your body weight and height. Irrespective of hegith the BMI should be normal. If not there is a clear scientific evidence to show that one will develop physical health challenges, mental health challenges and many of them are considered irreversible.

Excess weight is one of the major cause of Hormonal Fluctuations, thyroid problems, diabetes, blood pressure - heart related problems, joint pain, back pain, etc. 

Blood pressure because heart is overworked. Heart has to pump with more pressure 

Diabtes because key ogans have to function more

Joing, knee and back pain because the joints have to carry more weight.

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Spend 60 Minutes with us five days a week, make simple life style follow a simple regimen we will show you how to reduce weight systematically, healthily with least effort.

You need not worry about....

Why you should respect your inner desire to lose excess weight immediately!

Obesity can lead to Diabetes!

More than 80-85% of diabetics are obese. Managing Diabetes is costly. A three-month average expense including medicines can be as high as INR 10.000. Plus Food restrictions and other complications like nerve damage follow

Heart Disease, Joint Pain, Back Pain...

are linked with being overweight. Why?

The heart has to work harder to pump blood with more force.

Spine, Hip and Knee Joints have to carry more load. leading to cartilage and ligament damage.

Being Overweight impacts emotions...

55% higher risk of developing Depression

Higher risk of developing anxiety-related disorders including fear, phobia, insomnia, panic, etc

Low Self-esteem, lack of confidence, etc leads to low productivity and efficiency at work