Create a New Life, Consciously 

If not Now, then When!

The Quantum Healing School, Chennai 

Become a Certified Quantum Healer

18 Hours of Accelerated Growth and Inner - Transformation 

29th April 2023 - Heal Yourself - 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM

6th May 2023 - Learn to Heal Other - 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Hybrid Workshop: Offline at Tiruvanmiyur Chennai, Online From Anywhere with a Stable Internet Connection

About becoming a Certified Quantum Healing Practitioner

Quantum Healing is the manifesting space where the latest discoveries in Quantum Physics blend with the most ancient Healing Mediations and Practices offered by Yogic, Vedantic Sciences of the East, and Shamanic practices that originated in the West, the depths of the Amazon and the Atlantic civilizations

As a part of the this program you will expereince meditations, visit deeper inner space and learn healing practices to align and connect with the force that creates and nurtures the universe

We are formless energy forms embedded with the primal intelligence to create the life of our choice. If we do not learn and exercise that power, the same power will work through us