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MS Psychology, MS Yogic Sciences, Certified Regression and Hypnotherapist, Accredited by European Association of Regression Therapists

15 Years Experience in Coaching individuals, families and groups for personal and professional Transformation

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Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, California Hypnosis Institute.

Experienced in One - on - One Counselling and Hypnosis Inductions

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When it comes to overcoming the most common psychological challenges like OCD, Insomnia, Depression, Schizophrenia, Attention deficit disorder, Anxiety, Fear, Bipolar disorder the most common worry is the worry of side effects of the medications. 

Many patients around the world are also looking for alternative methods of treatment with counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Yoga Therapy etc., to overcome the challenges.

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This eBook is all about how to stop suffering and start living

Difference between Psychiatrist and Psychologist

How the mind really works and the origin of psychological problems?

How to resolve Childhood trauma, loss of loved ones, death, separation, accidents, recurrent failures, etc.,

What a clinical Psychologists do?

How Psychological counselling and Psychotherapy help?

What are the various methods in psychotherapy?

The most common side effects of psychiatric medications.

How natural methods like yoga , Ayurveda, acupuncture, massage help?

What is Hypnotherapy and how hypnosis help?

 Conditions where hypnosis cannot help