Stress is a silent killer - Learning to overcome stress naturally with Right Stress Management is key to relishing the pleasure of success.

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If you suppress stress, stress will affect you silently.

If I am not exaggerating. Suppressed and improperly managed stress is the major cause of pain, suffering, and disease. The financial loss due to stress in the US is estimated to be around 300 billion USD. If you factor that for the Indian population the financial loss would run to thousands of crores of rupees.

Low confidence, lack of interest in life, repeated failures, lack of motivation, financial problems, etc are effects of improperly handled stress.

We may call it anxiety, depression, fear, phobia, frustration, OCD, insomnia., or whatever. The root cause is that the mind is not at ease; the moment the mind is not at ease behavior, body, and energy get affected.

Stress first affects the body instantly. Aches, pains, headaches could be the primary symptoms of stress. Whenever you get angry, frustrated, jealous; whenever you get negative thoughts or indulge in over thinking your blood vessels constrict, your heart rate goes up, your breath changes and the relative changes happen in your brain and liver. When you are in a continuous state of stress, anxiety, fear, then organ damage begins to happen before it shows up as a disease.

The initial diseases one contacts would be hormonal problems, gastritis, overweight (obesity), menstrual problems, diabetes, blood pressure. Painful autoimmune diseases like arthritis have stress as the major reason. 

The importance of right stress management cannot be overemphasized

Stress erodes your wealth, health, and capacity to receive and give love.

 For example, let us take diabetes. Stress is the major cause of diabetes. It damages the heart, kidneys, brain, liver one by one. The total lifetime cost of diabetes for an individual is anywhere between 20-25 lakhs. In addition to pain caused by disease, stress erodes wealth accumulated over a lifetime

The common error committed in the management of stress

Treating stress as a disease to be cured, is the most common error in the management of stress. 

Stress is a symptom. Unless the root cause is of the symptom is resolved.

Stress is a signal from the mind. Stress is the way in which your mind is drawing your attention towards it. But if you manage symptoms with old methods alone like taking medications, or compensating with habit-forming behaving behaviors like angry outbursts, becoming lonely, etc, the underlying stress will show up in many forms

Another old method of  Stress is trying to get help from self-help books, free advice, magazines, etc., They add intellectual knowledge but stress is experiential and needs a totally different approach that should be experiential.

The search for the most effective stress management technique

You are unique. Your goals, your challenges are unique. Your emotional makeup is unique. Your aspirations are unique. So, there is no one technique that can solve the problem of stress and make you more successful.

Even in your own life, situations are different. Your goals keep changing. Your challenges are changing. So how can you develop one formula and apply it everywhere? It is not possible. It could be an empty promise.

You should not search for that one formula that can help you overcome stress.

The question to be asked is to teach me a technique that can help me generate my own solution in any given situation. So that no matter what I can handle any situation that happens around me.

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The fact is your have all the psychological resources to solve any challenge you have and be more happy. The proof is children.They are physically dependent on us. Intellectually they may need certain knowledge to function int he society. but they ar more happy and joyful. leaft alone they can find creative answers and learn by themselves. As a child your learning was so fast and quick but this diminished soon because the  ITs conditioned adults who change this state. I remember a study that states that by the time a child reaches the age of 20, schooling and college they have lost their capability to live as a human by more than 80 percent. why, the people who gave us the inrtutosnandtold us how to be happy, joyful and successful were not by themselves happy, joyful and successful. Since they were not they awer not able to show us.

Stress management is about learning to be calm even in stressful situations, is it not?

Second is life is dynamic. Your goals, challenges and situations keep changing. Your spouse, boss, colleague, child have their own challenges and emotional upheavals.

They are happy with you at times. Unhappy at time. They are loving at times. They are angry and frustrated with you at certain times.

Your mind is thus impacted continously by the external environment. So even for you one formula may not work. The formula has to fine tuned naturally every moment of time so be the best of who you are in any given situation.

The goal is thus to be in a state that can help your generate the most effective response that can lead you to goal achievement.

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Ignoring stress is ignoring life. 

Suppression of stress can damage your body, mind and energy. 

Stress is the root cause

First, let us understand "stress"

Ignoring stress is Ignoring Life. 

Stress is a state of mind. One may be seemingly happy and smiling externally. But suppressed stress shows up in many forms.

Stress silently erodes your confidence, happiness, joy, and ability to succeed.

 Yes the cost of untreated stress is US 300 Billion in the United states alone. If you convert the same in ruppees factoring population in India the economic impact would run to thousands of crores of Indian Ruppees.

SUppressed stress shows up a irrational behavior, anger, frustration, then leasing to depression, anxiety etc.

Repeated failures, uinaility concentrate, focus, lack of motivation, commonly called as burnout symptoms are also expressions of suppressed stress.

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