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The common mistake most people do to get more success and happiness is listening to a self critical voice that says ...

'This is not enough...You have to work hard...You have to be perfect' They end up working more harder leading to burnout, more stress..



There are more effective ways to succeed. Simpler ways to overcome stress and Anxiety. I will show you how!


I am Saravanan, I have helped thousands of my clients and Students achieve their goals, with joy and happiness. 

Freedom of Past Old beliefs, Habits, negativity and Recurrent thinking is easier than what most people think. 

I will in the next fifteen minutes, show you how! 

I will also share with you the easiest way to get 

Freedom from Loneliness, Boredom 

Develop Healthy habits to create more Success and Happiness  

Eliminate Stress, Anxiety, Fears Overcome undesirable habits: 

Excessive drinking, smoking, Social Media addiction etc., 

Overcome 'Insomnia' and 'Sleep like a baby' 

Overcome Obesity - Eliminate habits, thinking patterns that lead to obesity And more...... 

The most effective way to Succeed with Ease, Become Free of Self Doubts, Low Self Confidence, Fear, Phobia, Anxiety, Break Free from recurrent patterns in life

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Boost Self Confidence - Self Esteem - Enjoy More Success 

Manifest Wealth - Health - Love

Online Self Hypnosis Certificate Program

 @ INR 930 or USD 16.00 
Self - Paced Online Program with lifetime access is more than a  complete version of a Live Three Full-day Self-Hypnosis Program offered 

@ INR 6000/- plus taxes.

The program is stacked with techniques that have helped me and thousands of clients and Students Succeed with Ease, Create Wealth, Invite and build Happy Relationships, Build a Positive Personality, Healthy Inner Self image 

You can learn to create and sustain an inner state of mind that naturally overcomes Stress and Anxiety, Insomnia, Obesity, Addictive Habits.

You can also  Break free from recurrent patterns that run your life. 

Learn to reprogram your subconscious mind with the latest neuroscience and your own unique personal power affirmation

In this Course You will Understand and Learn

How to Overcome Negativity

How to stop overthinking

How to Be Unique and Avoid comparison

To Be Mindful even when Life gets crazy

Frameworks to Develop New Habits

To overcome lack of motivation & willpower 

Self Hypnosis is the most ancient art to Connect with your 

Life Force, Maximize your Energy and Strength

Hi, I am Saravanan, The whole of my work for the last 15 years has been dedicated to helping students, clients, and aspirants master tools and processes to lead a more successful, Joyful, richer, and abundant life. 
The human mind works totally differently than the way we assume it works. When you learn how it works, and harness its potential, life happens like magic

Enroll Now INR 930 /USD 16.00

In this Integrated Self Hypnosis Program

You will Learn

How your mind Works and the functions of the mind

Create a Positive State of Mind

Techniques to access the subconscious mind 

Harness the Power of Your subconscious

Create and Stay in Altered States of Consciousness Naturally

Create Altered states of consciousness

Discover inner Confidence, Focus and Derive Commitment

Create wealth Succeed with Ease

Invite, Create, healthy relationships in your life

Rediscover love in relationships

Mind hacks to beat negative self image, Obesity, excess weight 

Back to Shape with a Fit vibrant body

Practical Tools to Bridge the gap between what you are and what you want to be

Align, Synchronize, Potentiate

Overcome subconscious vicious negative thought patterns, break the negative recurrent cycle

Learn Responsive positive imagery

Fill every moment of your life with joy, happiness by creating a blissful inner neurochemistry

Freedom from  Addictive Habits

Online Self Hypnosis Course, 

Stacked with Bonus Courses priced at 4800 INR, Free of Cost 

@ Just INR 930 / USD 16.00

Self Hypnosis Course Worth INR 6000/- 


Framework to work through Metaphors INR 2499/- (Free)


Framework to the language of Dreams INR 1400/- (Free)


 Guided 60 Minute Yoga and Meditation Course INR 900/- (Free)

The human spirit constantly seeks to explore and expand. When this expansion is hindered, there is stress.

The Inherent Human Spirit with you will 'Never Settle'.

This is one reason no matter whatever your age is, whatever stage you are in life there always exists an inherent drive seeks more and more.

When you learn to master this intelligence right, Life Blossoms totally different because you can explore newer dimensions of success internally and externally

You will always seek to break barriers and boundaries. This could be one reason why we create, destroy and again recreate in another way. But soon this leads to dissatisfaction.

When you sign up for Learn Self Hypnosis, you will realize the meaning of what I mean more significantly

Enroll Now to take the Course Valued @ INR 10800 

@ INR 930.00 Or USD 16.00 Only 

Transform in Conscious Trance

The most integrated Online Self HypnosisProgram - INR 930.00 / USD 16.00

The master key to Success and Prosperity lies in learning to align the goals of the conscious mind with the goals of the unconscious mind. 

Learn to create, access, and enhance the quality of deeply relaxed mindful states of mind

Master the art of being in the flow state even when you engaged in your daily activities, work

Reflect and Integrate the learning derived from altered states of consciousness in daily life

Regression, Hypnotherapist NLP, psychodrama, Constellations practitioner

More about Myself

Though I am certified in NLP, Hypnosis, Regression I would dedicate most of my learning to the experience gained from working with more than thousands of students and clients. I am thankful for the trust they had reposed in me and together we have co-created a marvelously better life. 

In the last 25 years of my working experience with groups, individuals in private and organizational settings; in Global Organizations like GE Healthcare, Novartis, Sanofi, I have realized that every individual has an inherent desire to contribute, grow and enhance the quality of life continuously. But the unconscious inner resistance is the deterrent. When this resistance is dissolved change and transformation are quick. Self Hypnosis is a tool that can help dissolve the inner resistance.

I have here summarized the most common reasons students and clients have chosen hypnosis as a tool

To Overcome Fear, Phobias, Anxiety 
Learn to reduce or control feelings of anxiety, Stress, and Sadness

To Create conscious goals and achieve the goals with more ease and Joy.

To Overcome impact of past failures, stressful events in life; Rewire to become new

To Overcome patterns of repeated failures
Change to a positive success mindset. Choose Hypnosis for Confidence

To Overcome Insomnia, Sleeplessness,
Trouble in sleeping. Nightmares, Disturbed sleep, Dreams

To become Free from addictive media and consumption habits

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about how Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis can help!

How can Hypnosis help to Succeed in life?

Integrated Hypnosis helps you to enhance your health, wealth, success and Joy in relationships by helping you to release yourself from past entanglements and develop new patterns in the subconscious mind.

How to overcome Stress and Anxiety, naturally?

How to overcome fear-phobia, how to overcome anxiety are very common questions. Integrated self-hypnosis helps you release unconscious stress, Fear, Causes of Panic, and Anxiety in the system.

Can Hypnosis help to overcome obesity and reduce weight?

Though stress eating-binging is a well-known cause, Obesity is not necessarily an eating problem. It has to do with metabolism and the mind. If you are looking for weight loss hypnosis near me, Choose Self Hypnosis

Can Hypnosis help me sleep like a baby

Restful sleep can energize, heal and re-vitalize. Yet when the unconscious is stressed, anxious, and fearful sleep gets affected. Self Hypnosis integrated with breath-body work will help you have a restful sleep. 

Inner Resilience, Existentialism of a Different Kind 

The practice of Self Hypnosis is the tool

You will agree that one of the apt quotes that summarize the quality needed to live a life of quality in the currently prevailing global scenarios is

'It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” — Charles Darwin, British naturalist. 

Inner resilience is the art of being adaptable while preserving your integral uniqueness. In this course, you will 

Learn the art of being yourself, even when there is chaos around 

Learn to protect yourself from being unconsciously manipulated

Learn to brush past pain, demolish fear and life to your highest potential 

What are the benefits of Hypnosis? this is one of the most common questions!

With regular practice, most students would see benefits in various forms. The unconscious urge to indulge in compulsive habits of many forms, viz., binge eating, drinking comes down. Many feel more confident about themselves. The way they do their work, the way they interact with people around them and the way others respond toward them may also become more positive. Life becomes more happening. More wealth, better spending habits, better health, and so on. Business expands.
But these are only primary. Just as your aspirations are endless so would be the benefits. Today you may think that it is enough if I have so much money or if I marry this person or if my child gets so many marks or even that if my health issue is resolved. 

If you have a desire to explore Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy...

Or If you have a desire to become a hypnotherapist yourself, or if you wish to undertake a complete series of sessions in Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, and Dynamic hypnotic processes like Psychodrama, Family Constellations then self-hypnosis is one practice that you can choose to master?

The ability to create and stay in altered states of consciousness for extended periods of time consciously is a skill that can help you to explore, expand and bring to the fore the inherent raw intelligence of the mind. 

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