Integrated Personal Growth Program


The art and science of designing your life by organizing your emotions, thoughts, and energy

Key Frameworks that you will Master

The art of creating, Being and acting from The Flow State High-performance and least resistant state

Learn to stay away and protect yourself from negative thoughts and toxic emotions - The Art Emotional Resilience

Viveka - Vairagyam The art of right discrimination & Dispassion - Resilience to stay focussed despite challenges

All of us are successful in diverse areas of life.

The challenge is

'Am I successful in all areas of life

- In all areas that matter to me?

Whatever be your goal 

  • Succeeding at work, 
  • Being a wonderful parent,
  • Learning the art of creating and nurturing relationships, 
  • Learning the art of conceiving a goal and directing all your thoughts, emotions and action in achieving your dream;  
  • Being emotionally intelligent, and resilient 

The most comprehensive - Integrated Personal Growth and Transformation program is now available in a Webinar format.

The course derives the frameworks from secret timeless wisdom, that was not taught either in your school or college; in an easy to learn, assimilate, and integrate - experiential format. 

Three key reasons - Register now!

Precision decision making and execution with balance, focus, clarity; relationship building - the most sought after qualities for high impact leadership, career, and financial growth.

Easy to learn and apply tools that seamlessly integrate with your psyche. Generate appropriate responses and actions even in the most challenging situations 

Achieve goals Faster It is not achieving your goals. its how soon you achieve it. How efficiently and seamlessly you achieve how easily and happily you achieve it 


Successful in career - Struggling in personal relationships

Success in financial growth - Struggling with health

The integrated personal Growth program focusses on Total Success. Integrated leadership program that seamlessly aligns your Personal, Professional, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects of your being.


  • Psychologist ( M.S Psychology - India) 
  • Certified to Teach Yoga - Sivananda Forest Academy, Canada; RYT 500 - QCI
    level 2 Government of India With more than two decades of experience in facilitating transformation. Certified - Past Life Regression, Psychodrama


What you will learn?

Your internal emotional architecture that keeps you consciously entangled in 

Creating conscious goals that help you success in all areas of you life

Aligning your thoughts, emotions and action with your goals

Internal throught proecess, the negative thougth the sstregtegeis abd ebeleif systems and the art of brecoming free from them

Creating a neural infrastructure 

art of itnegrateing breath and body work to elimincate old patterns even without analysing. - Treat junk an junk - as too much anaylsi scan lead to paralus

Culture Alignment

Having communicated a new set of expectations, have you observed any change in the behavior amongst employees?

As a new leadership team takes over, how will the culture help drive and support some new changes that they would like to bring in?

What challenges do you expect to encounter as you drive the new organizational change agenda?

As a consulting process and methodology that assesses the alignment between the Organizational Strategy and Corporate Culture, Culture Alignment processes assess the difference between the current culture and desired culture basis organizational strategy, and creates an action plan that brings Strategy, Vision, Leadership, Capabilities, and Culture seamlessly into Corporate Strategy. This service line attempts to capture the full range of Values, Assumptions, Beliefs, and Behaviours. Having said that culture can be quite intangible and implicit and can also be deep-rooted. It assesses leadership and employees across cultural dimensions to determine misalignments with Strategy and sets the stage for putting a workable solution.

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