Integrated Personal growth Program

The most comprehensive Integrated Personal Growth Program The winning edge for career professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Authenticity and trust – are Irresistible Qualities

Whatever be your goal - directing all your energies towards a consciously conceived goal, motivating your peers-colleagues ; persuading internal and external customers ; dealing with a difficult Relationship with colleagues, coworkers, senior managers, customers, Career transitioning, being forced on roles one is not passionate about - Charting your course with Confidence and emotional balance given the current Covid-19

The integrated approach provides you with Practices – Frameworks – Video lectures to

Create the future of your choice

Lead - achieve – succeed in an ever-dynamic environment

Create and be in "The Flow'

Maintain inner calm, Focus, clarity of purpose in challenging situations

Be ‘grounded yet responsive – resilient yet adapt

Move .in and out of stillness at will’

Imagine processing your real life challenges with the frameworks that integrate latest emotional competency tools grounded on the principles of timeless wisdom of The Gita, yoga sutras and the Vedanta – The wisdom that stood the tests of time for thousands of years.

Course Curriculum

90 Day Personal Transformation Program
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  • Certified to Teach Yoga, RYT 500, QCI Govt of India- Level 2  
  • PGCBM – XLRI, MS Psychology (India), B.Pharm, More than two decades of experience in Diverse leadership roles in Global Organizations – Sanofi, Edwards Life Sciences, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare
  • 10 plus years of experience of in facilitating personal and professional transformation in Individuals, groups and Organizations
  • Seamlessly integrates psychological tools with the timeless wisdom of Ancient Indian principles for personal, professional, social and spiritual growth.

For whom

  • It is not ‘succeeding at any cost’ 
  • It is about succeeding with the least cost that keeps your energy levels high and naturally prevents a burnout. 
  • It is how effortlessly and naturally you integrate success as a part of your life that helps you stay winning. 
  •  Emotions, thoughts, inner strategies that are constantly impacted by inner and external environment. To be in ‘the flow’ - needs a sharp intellect and a responsive physical neural emotional infrastructure

The frameworks in this program, keeps you emotionally protected, safe and yet responsive and dynamic. You will develop the skill

To experience all that happens inside you fully with least inner- resistance

To be remain disentangled

To act appropriately in alignment with the goal

Developing the ability to completely experience all that happens in your mind, body and energy with no or least resistance without getting entangled helps you renew yourself moment to moment with least residual unconscious influence from the past

The program becomes comprehensive as it helps you work and integrate qualities at all layers of your being- Mind- body and energy

The difference that will give you the winning edge – How can the integrated personal growth program make the difference ?

Helps you to work at all layers of your being

Has the potential to dissolve inner resistance to change

The subconscious mind is fully embedded in the body.

The program goes beyond cognitive processes of analysis and reflection from the cognitive space and helps you move into the more dynamic, experiencing and responsive mind-body -energy space that helps your experience – reflect – release and integrate all at the same time.

In effect the structure of the program has the potential to dissolve inner resistance to change which is key for transformation.

Questionnaire – Self assessment to know

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