Trauma is an impact from the environment that shakes up and may even penetrate a person's physical, mental, and energetic being. Trauma cuts through. 

The unpleasantness caused by a traumatic situation may end or continue throughout one's life and sometimes through many lifetimes.

While most traumatic experiences are naturally digested by physical activities, compensating happy experiences, events that had happened, and other diversions, certain experiences leave a deep mark,

Continuous physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, accidents, unexpected death, drowning, humiliation, imprisonment, starvation, suicide, surgery, loss, etc can cause bleeding at deeper levels and may continue to bleed without any visible pain.

If one has undergone these experiences in a past life, they keep recurring even now by you not even aware of the cause. When they start affecting the quality of life, it may call for deeper healing.

The first-degree impact of this pain is a lack of confidence, certain failures, arguments in relationships, etc. 

The second-degree impact could be physical - mental illness, lifestyle diseases, addictive habits ( Which are a way to overcome the stress of this pain), job loss, debts, repeated failures, and loss.

Third-degree consequences could be divorce, permanent separation, and unnatural death.

In Past Life Regression we go to the origins of these unpleasant experiences which impact life now because they are alive seeking resolution, as they lay unassimilated and undigested.

The biggest question is why they should be resolved.

We should resolve them because they form the fabric of the being. They operate from deep within.

When one wants to grow and expand beyond a certain point the underlying unassimilated experiences become an impedance.

This is what shows up as a cycle of success - failure, happiness - sadness, etc. Over a period of time, depending on the intensity of the trauma it could lead to more deep consequences like physical - mental disease, relationship issues, financial challenges, etc.

For many the undigested experiences are also passed on from generation to generation; you also pass it on to your children.

Undigested experiences also impede spiritual progress and growth,

In Past Life Regression we seek to resolve them and move forward toward an expansive life

Many think that they have outgrown them, which also Certain types of trauma have a clear origin and an end. They are could be clearly classified as traumas

Can I not outgrow them by other means? 

I am successful and happy enough. Why should I? 

Those times are over, why again?

It is not necessary to relive every experience of the past. It may take lifetimes.

Second, we digest most of our experiences through normal day-to-day work, relationships, etc. that give us success and a sense of accomplishment.

There are however certain unpleasant experiences that become problematic and show up repeatedly in many forms.

Primary emotions of trauma could be a sense of despair, disgust, Dislike, Envy, Fear, Impotence, Jealousy, Loneliness, Rage, Repulsion, Shame, etc. 

Physically they show up as cramps, discomfort, pain paralysis, Excessive Thirst, stench, Excessive Hunger, Exhaustion, etc. Ill-Health is a final manifestation.

Mentally they show up as infatuation, Confusions, Desperation, Fascination, Feeling empty, Incomprehension, etc

What happens to you when you experience an overwhelming situation?

You tend to close, to protect yourself. Then over a period of time, you feel restricted with a lack of freedom to move. Feeling stuck.

The unconscious effect of trauma makes you close, with a tendency to protect yourself in more and more situations that may not be really so threatening. Then the number of instances you close yourself increases and this becomes a pattern affecting your ability to communicate, act and even be intimate accepting, and giving love. 

Then you seem to settle into the new internal reality as that seems to become your nature and you seem to be comfortable. Yet the inner urge to grow and expand drives. Past Life Regression is a tool to break free from these patterns.

Benefits of resolving trauma and its deeper effects

One may get a new sense of freedom.

Undigested traumatic experiences are like an internal bleed that shows up again and again.

You may be able to love better, live better, and become happier and more successful more easily because you do not have an internal drain that keeps pulling you back.

Imagine you driving your vehicle to move forward, with a rope attached. You travel to an extent but a sudden jerk will stop progress.

This can happen in many areas - spiritual growth, physical health, emotional well-being, relationships, and career. 

Past Life Regression with appropriate complementary work can help you become free.