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The Secret of Pranayama Practice lies in its inherent potential to open up to dimensions beyond

Prana Vidhya and The Evolution of the Mind - An exploration

Our Physical Body has evolved over billions of years. The intelligence of the mind that created this body has a different dimension. Pranayama is tool to apply systematic Breathing to evolve the mind. 

From a crystal or a single celled amoeba, our physical body has evolved a complex intelligence system.

Mind, that created this body has also evolved with the body, The primary function of the body is to protect and then evolve. 

Protection and self preservation is the inherent quality of the mind and the five sense viz., seeing, hearing, sensing using skin, smell, and taste are preservatory functions that have helped us evolve. 

As per yoga the our physical body with its highly evolved brain, nervous system, endocrine system has reached its pinnacle of evolution.

Neurological evidence shows that even the most intelligent do not use more than 5 percent of their brain.

Yoga states that brain has within its convoluted structure many hidden aspects, potentials and dimensions that can be activated only with dedicated practice.

Yoga asserts that most of the yogic practices, like Asana, Pranayama and meditation are practices with in-built processes that can help a serious practitioner explore and discover.

Why Explore and Discover? Why Pranayama and Breathing Practices?

The mind is an active principle. This means that we know that the mind exists only when we have a thought or emotion. If not the mind is absent.

Second the mind activated every time we breathe. Breathing happens when we sleep too, This is one reason we dream when we sleep. Over a period of time sleep becomes less relaxing because thoughts are processed even when we sleep. This means that the mind is not at rest.

Most thoughts are related or aligned with what is one deeply identified with, Job, Relationships, Career, money etc. This is true even for the most successful and the richest.

Yet as discussed earlier self preservation is only one or the smallest aspect of the mind.

Working through life and living only with self preservation as the goal, leaves one feel unaccomplished, isolated, lonely as one grows older physically: the objects that fueled our happiness seem to have less meaning as the existential aspiration, the aspiration to know one's true self, still stays unfilled.

The self preserving aspect of the mind, the mind that vibrates at a certain frequency to conjure an eternal reality based on external objects cannot give us what we deeply desire.

Most turn to mediation and mystical aspects of life, when the aspiration to know what is beyond reaches a tipping point.

Prana Vidhya is a beginning of a systematic exploration into your deeper self. We will discuss more.

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