Is Life happening for me!

How will I be If I stand before the face of truth today? My own inner truth.

Truth as what we call as ' Sathyam'.

What have I really achieved?

Are my achievements making me more free or dependent?

Am I really free? 

Is my dependency on things, ideas reducing or increasing as days and years pass by? 

Are my relationship, work goals making me happy or constricting me?

How many times have I told myself, this one thing I need and then, nothing more is needed....

Does my inner fear increase or decrease as days and years pass by ? 

If all that I think is mine is taken off will I still be pleasant?

When we live in a world where truth is whatever is declared loud, repeatedly and is time to take a step back. For whoever who does that may be stealing your time, life and energies.

A few Questions to reflect as you move toward your deeper self !

What am I doing on a daily, hourly and weekly basis?

What kind of thoughts, thinking run in my mind?

What do I want to achieve?

What kind of strategies do I have?

Do what I do make me more healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

Am I more happier and healthy, Am I more free today than the past?

Will what I do make me more healthy so my body will be happy and healthy as I grow older?

The Goal of Life

I should be becoming more happy and healthy at all levels of my being everyday.

I should be feel more empowered and more secure and less and less dependent on external variable, may be including food, water and shelter.

If achieving your routine goals  of current life, may be work, household work, Homemaking, contributing to the growth of your children, etc. are not happening happily and pleasantly now then the chances of me becoming more happy later may be less.

Then its time to take action.

Most of Life's labor is lost when one thinks let me get this first and then seek what I need the takes time, may be many lifetimes, Energy and focus. 

You have more of all this when you are young not when you become old after you have spent the whole of your life on achieving this that you think may not be of any value to you when you become old. 

So start the journey of transformation now.

You need not change your job, your city, your spouse; you need not leave your current city. 

Yes you need to dedicate some time to begin with. At least 20 minutes a day. 

If you are ready, send a what's up message to me

This is important because what ever you may achieve; all gets rendered waste in the face of the final moment if the art of life has not been mastered.

Most people live as though they will never die and then die as though they had never lived - goes the old Tibetan saying.

Yes, if the final moment or transition is not conscious, pleasant and free then the whole of life's labor becomes a loss.

Because you cannot fake or hide or cover behind anything. For you may stand naked in the face of truth.

I say fake because or cannot hide because life does not need a thing from you or me. It needs neither your money, time or service for it is full by itself.

We hide behind global statements of missions and vision and purpose, service, responsibilities that are not in sync with the process of life and end up wasting our efforts that do not teach us life as a process by itself. 

We miss the truth till we see it face it. We keep hiding from the inner truth. Hiding behind our achievements, habits and hobbies and what not.

Yet truth is different.

We cannot hide behind the excuses of culture, social norms, boss, education, spouse, children, job, etc when the moment arrives.

The moment of truth. It is different. For life has its own way, process and principles.

One has no choice rather surrender to that.

Anyways we have surrendered our freedom and life to many forces that acted on us since birth-parents, education, friends, books, organizations, religions, politicians, business, etc.

We had a choice to surrender or not there. But with truth, there is no choice.

When Life asks you to surrender, you have to. That could be what we call as death.

Then the truth dawns.

Can I live and become the truth NOW?

Truth as what we call as ' Sathyam'.

You can start with the same questions.

What have I really achieved?

Am I really free? 

Is my dependency on things, ideas reducing or increasing as I grow older? 

Does my inner fear increase or decrease as days and years pass by ? 

If all that I think is mine is taken off will I still be pleasant?

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